MLBB Caster Mirko Thinks Fans Should Not Overhype China in M5 World Championship


MLBB Caster Mirko Thinks Fans Should Not Overhype China in M5 World Championship

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Mirko thinks fans should keep their expectations low for China in the upcoming M5 World Championship.
According to Mirko, China is at a huge disadvantage as its representative team will only have 2 months to prepare before the world series event.

One of the iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang shoutcaster, Frederick Handy "Mirko" Loho, shared his thoughts on the inclusion of the Chinese region in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M5 World Championship. According to him, fans should not overhype the new region and keep their expectations low. Mirko believes that China may not have enough time to prepare for the upcoming tournament which may result in them not meeting the expectations of fans who consider the region as one of the best in terms of moulding champion-caliber players. He further added that the region is at an unfair disadvantage as they only have a few months to prepare while other regions have already been competing for quite some time.

Mirko wants fans to temper their expectations from China for M5 World Championship

Chine is considered as one of the best regions in a lot of esports titles. With the region’s esports organizations joining the Mobile Legends competitive scene soon, fans are hyped to see how they perform against well-established regions in the upcoming M5 World Championship.

However, the popular caster, Mirko, thinks fans should have reasonable expectations from the Chinese. According to him, the region may not have enough time to prepare for the upcoming event.

“These are gonna be new players, by the way, folks. They don’t have MLBB before this so most of their players will be players from other MOBAs that are stepping into the MLBB world,” he explained.

According to Moonton, there are four teams who are looking to compete for a slot in the M5 Wild Card stage. These teams are NOVA Esports, Longlong Gaming, Keep Best Gaming, and Mi Ya Gaming. Only one team shall be granted a slot in the upcoming wild card event.

Mirko added that despite Chinese teams being considered formidable in other esports titles, they may struggle in their debut tournament in Mobile Legends as they won’t have enough time to prepare and train their talents.

“China has been really scary in every MOBA game that I have watched… I don’t know if they can adapt that fast into the game and perform that well in their first-ever international championship,” he said.

The iconic caster further added that fans should “keep expectations low because they only have two months to prepare.”

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