Marcos Gaming Wins Invitational BGMI Tournament Skyesports Streamers Showdown


Marcos Gaming Wins BGMI Invitational Tournament: Skyesports Streamers Showdown

The second Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament has also concluded.

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Marcos Gaming are the winners of the second Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament 'Skyesports Streamers Showdown'.
A total of 16 maps were played across four days with Marcos Gaming winning two chicken dinners and attaining a total of 209 points.
There was a difference of 41 points between Marcos Gaming and the second ranked Team Revenant.

The Skyesports Streamers Showdown came to an end yesterday after four days of non-stop action with Marcos Gaming being crowned as the champions. With this, the second Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament also comes to an end following Team Snax' victory at 'The Launch Party'. The winning team only managed to secure two chicken dinners out of the 16 teams played in total, yet they had a 41 point difference when compared to the second ranked team. Marcos Gaming played an overall balanced game and showed great consistency as they had almost an equal number of position (106) and finish points (103).

Skyesports Streamers Showdown: Marcos Gaming Wins BGMI Tournament

The second BGMI invitational tournament organized by Skyesports which took place from 10th to 13th July, witnessed top-notch action from some really talented teams. With 16 teams directly invited to compete in this BGMI tournament, it was a packed event with four maps being played on each day.

Each day there was a lot of movement in the leaderboards as teams hustled to climb up. The winning team, Marcos Gaming, at the end of day two was in the fifth position, with only a single chicken dinner to its name and 74 points in total.

In comparison, Walkouts who were leading the points table had already secured 130 points along with two chicken dinners. They had a 32 point lead over the second-ranked Team Revenant.

Skyesports Streamers Showdown - Day 2

Skyesports Streamers Showdown - Day 4

However, things took a turn in the remaining two days as Walkouts dropped to third position with a total of 167 points to their name, earning just 37 points since day two. Team Revenant maintained their spot at the second position, while Marcos Gaming stormed ahead to top the leaderboards.

Marcos gained 135 points in the last two days of the event to push themselves up from the fifth position and win the tournament. Their performance across the last eight maps were just incredible.

Taking a look at the overall kill leaderboard, it is clear that Marcos Gaming has an insane team chemistry. It is that exact trait that helped them propel themselves to the top, as only one player from their team, Zed Wizz God, was present on this list with 30 frags to his name.

Skyesports Streamers Showdown - Kill Leaderboard

With Krafton having teased an upcoming BGMI esports tournament, the teams have started the grind as they patiently await the arrival of this event.

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