Krafton Teases Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Esports Tournament

Krafton teases the announcement of an upcoming BGMI esports tournament.

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Krafton drops a trailer teasing upcoming news about a Battlegrounds Mobile India esports tournament.
This comes just a day after the inaugural BGMI tournament 'The Launch Party' had been announced by the developers.
Krafton has already created what looks like a dedicated website for BGMI esports while telling players to "Squad Up!".

Krafton, just a day after the announcement of their inaugural Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament called 'The Launch Party', has come forward to tease upcoming news about a BGMI esports tournament. The developers even released a dedicated teaser trailer on their official YouTube channel, showing a glimpse of an empty arena with four BGMI characters frozen solid on the main stage. Towards the end, a crowd chant can be heard with the following message showing up on the screen "Squad Up!". There is a link provided in the description of the teaser trailer which redirects users to a website called 'esports-battlegroundsmobileindia', which seems to be a webpage dedicated to competitive BGMI.

Krafton Teases News About Upcoming BGMI Esports

When Battlegrounds Mobile India was initially announced, the developers had stated that they would be developing a dedicated Indian esports ecosystem. This would consist of tournaments and leagues specific to India, where Krafton is seen collaborating with local partners and organizers to build the competitive scene.

This was followed by a report stating that Krafton would be revealing its Battleground Mobile India tournaments and its esports plans around the time of the game’s launch.

Well, it seems this has come true as within just five days of the official game being released, the inaugural BGMI tournament has been announced along with an upcoming BGMI esports tournament being teased.

The description of the teaser trailer on YouTube states that "It’s time to make history. ⏱ Squad up for the biggest battle you’ve all been waiting for. 💪 Stay tuned for more. 😎"

The link provided redirects users to a dedicated BGMI esports website where it says "Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports Coming Soon!"

Krafton telling BGMI players to start creating their squads along with the introduction of a dedicated website to track the progress of a tournament, points towards a proper upcoming esports tournament with regulated qualifiers being held online across the country.

First BGMI Tournament - The Launch Party
As per the rumours that have been going around, the first two events (BGMI) are going to be like 'Streamer Battles' and 'Community Cup' type of tournaments. According to me, the first one is going to be an invitational for streamers, the second is going to be an invitational for teams, and then the qualifiers will start.
Tanmay "Scout" Singh

The first part of what he had stated has already come true with the announcement of 'The Launch Party', for which popular streamers and content creators have been directly invited. It will be interesting to see what the developers have in mind as the complete announcement is made in the near future.

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