Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registrations and New Trailer Go Live

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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations are now open and players can sign up on Android devices.
  • Devices that have at least 2 GB RAM and have Android 5.1.1 are supported.
  • Pre-registering will offer players a mask, an outfit, 300 AG and a title.

Pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India are now open and players can sign up on their Android devices to be notified when the game launches. A trailer for the pre-registration period has also been released on the official YouTube channel of the game. The trailer features popular content creators Dynamo Gaming, Kronten, and Jonathan along with Indian actor Arshad Warsi. In addition to exclusive rewards, pre-registered players will also receive 300 AG currency. Here's everything you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile pre-registrations.

How to Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Players who want to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India can follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Head to the Battlegrounds Mobile India app and click on “Pre-register”
  2. If you want the game to automatically install at launch, click on the “Install When Available” button 

Pre-Registration Bonuses for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Players who pre-register for the upcoming game will receive the following items at launch: 

  • Recon Mask
  • Recon Outfit
  • Celebration Expert Title
  • 300 AG

Battlegrounds Mobile India System Requirements

To play Battlegrounds Mobile India, players should have devices that meet the following system requirements: 

  • Android version 5.1.1 or above 
  • 2GB RAM 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Overview 

The upcoming game is the re-launched version of PUBG Mobile that is developed exclusively for India by KRAFTON. Battlegrounds Mobile India will have restrictions on playtime restrictions for underage players. Players under 18 will be restricted to a maximum of three hours of playtime per day, with a maximum daily spending limit of Rs 7,000. 

The upcoming game may have features similar to the ones discussed in PUBG Mobile India's reveal. These features include: 

  • The game is being set in "a virtual simulation training ground," instead of the battlefields in the regular version of the game.
  • New characters automatically starting clothed
  • Green Hit effects (instead of the previous red which resembled blood effects) to reflect the virtual nature of the game.
  • A new feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

There is no official release date just yet but players can check out the pre-registration trailer on the official YouTube Page on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel. Pre-registrations are available and you can sign up and automatically download the game once it is available. 

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