LF Adoption and Grindsky Eris to represent PH in the 31st SEA Games


LF Adoption and Grindsky Eris to Represent Philippines in 31st SEA Games

John Dave Rossel
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LF Adoption will represent the Men's division of Sibol's Wild Rift team for the upcoming 31st SEA Games.
LF Adoption dominated the grand finals match against Fennel Adversity sweeping it 3-0.
Grindsky Eris will represent the Women's division of Sibol's Wild Rift team for the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

In a surprising turn of events, the team Looking For (LF) Adoption defeated one of the best Wild Rift teams in the Philippines, Fennel Adversity, in the Wild Rift SIBOL Qualifiers. The underdog team secured a clean 3-0 clean victory in the grand finals. LF Adoption will complete in the Wild Rift SIBOL Men’s Division lineup and shall represent the Philippines region for the upcoming 31st SEA (Southeast Asian) Games. While Fennel Adversity also put forth impressive teamfight strategies, LF Adoption’s objective-focused mindset managed to outclass its opponent's well-disciplined rotations and map control. For the Women’s Division, Grindsky Eris earned the opportunity to represent the Philippines at the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

LF Adoption outsmarted Fennel Adversity with a clean sweep victory

LF Adoption, the lineup that is brimming with promising talent shocked fans as the team scored a perfect 3-0 victory against one of the fan-favorite Wild Rift teams, Fennel Adversity, in the grand finals of the Wild Rift Sibol Qualifiers.

The team is composed of the members Demonkite, Fdae, Ecila, Renzy, and Dragon. The team’s Baron Laner, Elica stole the show during the first match with a sneaky Elder Drake steal which turned the tables in his team’s favor. Throughout the three matches, LF Adoption remained consistent in its aggressive playstyle and eventually pushed Fennel Adversity to a bad spot from which it could not recover.

Through a post-match interview, Ecila revealed that LF Adoption has been struggling with various problems while also having to compete separately from their respective homes. LF Adoption’s situation highly resembles Team Secret’s Wild Rift squad back when the team was still new.

“When we started, we had problems but we managed to reach this far despite our situation of playing separately,” stated Ecila.

The pro player added that he had been experiencing framerate problems on his phone while competing in the Wild Rift Sibol Qualifiers but it did not stop him from playing his best.

Grindsky Eris will represent the Wild Rift women’s division of Sibol for the upcoming 31st SEA Games

The all-women Wild Rift team, Grindsky Eris also put up an impressive run in the Wild Rift Sibol Qualifiers with a final match score of 3-1 against GGTY. The team features the former Nexplay Esports Wild Rift squad. Grindsky Eris is widely known for its dominance during the SEA eSports Championship 2021 - Women’s Tournament.

While Grindsky Eris was on a roll in the first two matches, GGTY managed to end its momentum in game three through a very aggressive poke team composition. While this worked in favor of GGTY, Grindsky Eris managed to turn the tides in the fourth game to seal its victory and earn itself the honor of representing Sibol’s Wild Rift women’s division for the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

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