Interview With Team Secret Azar: "I Feel We’re Stronger Now That We’re Playing Together"

John Dave Rossel
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Team Secret Azar Interview

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The quarterfinals of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021 were rife with action-packed matches. The match between the two Southeast Asian (SEA) rival teams - the Vietnamese team of SBTC Esports and the Philippines (PH) team of Team Secret, was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated matches in the whole tournament. Albeit short, the match saw the PH team exacting sweet vengeance upon the Vietnamese team who had previously defeated them in the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021.

Team Secret has always been one of the most interesting teams in the Wild Rift Esports scene. This is primarily because of their mental resilience and determination to take on the toughest challenges. They are resolute despite having only participated in Wild Rift events separately from their respective homes. The team is yet to have its own boot camp but this has never hindered them from dominating their matches.

Team Secret’s Wild Rift roster is composed of Eleazar "Azar" Salle, Robert "Trebor" Mansilungan, Morris "Core" Raymundo, Heri "Tatsurii" Garcia, Caster "Chewy" Dela Cruz, and James "Hamezz" Santos. While Core rarely appears in esports events, he is the team’s secret trump card whenever they wanted to add a little bit of spice into their team composition. Since its debut in February 2021, Team Secret has never had any roster changes allowing the members of the team to develop some amazing chemistry, unmatched by the other teams.

As the only remaining representative for both Southeast Asia and the Philippines, the pressure is high for Team Secret as they try to clutch the championship title in the Horizon Cup 2021. But how confident are they in reaching the grand finals against the best of the best in the world?

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