Kelra Allegedly Offered a Six-Digit Salary to Join an Indonesian MLBB Team

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kelra Allegedly Offered a Six-Digit Salary to Join an Indonesian MLBB Team</p></div>
Kelra Allegedly Offered a Six-Digit Salary to Join an Indonesian MLBB Team


According to Z4pnu, Kelra is allegedly being recruited by an Indonesian team.
Kelra was allegedly offered a six digit salary if he joins the Indonesian team.
With foreign teams looking to acquire Philippines players, Z4pnu believes this may be a good chance for amateur players to join the MLBB esports scene.

The trend of foreign teams looking to acquire pro players from the Philippines continues as Omega Esports’ star Gold Laner Grant "Kelra" Duane Pillas is being recruited by a foreign team. This was revealed by the team’s veteran player Billy "Z4pnu" Alfonso through one of his vlogs. Kelra is one of the best marksman specialists in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene. His mastery in playing both meta and unorthodox heroes in the Gold Lane has caught the attention of foreign esports organizations which are allegedly offering him up to six figures to buy him out from Omega Esports. However, it is still unknown if Kelra shall accept this offer or not.

Kelra is being recruited by foreign teams, says Z4pnu

Through a vlog post on 26th June, Z4pnu revealed that the renowned “Filipino Savage” of Omega Esports is being recruited by foreign teams.

“Kelra is getting offers from Indo [teams]. They want to buy him out but I can’t say which team because the last time I revealed a team, I got tetanus, I almost got fined,” he said.

Z4pnu added that the Indonesian team offered Kelra quite a big salary if he joins. “Kelra’s salary [if he joins] would be around six digits but of course, that’s confidential. All I can say is Kelra is being recruited by a foreign team and it’s up to him to decide,” he stated.

According to Omega Esports’ veteran player, Kelra has been receiving offers from Indonesian teams since last year. He added that this pre-season is the prime time for MLBB players looking to join the esports scene.

“There’s a lot of players being acquired here in the Philippines so to the players who are trying their best in playing Mobile Legends, this is your chance, just keep grinding if this is what you want or it makes you happy,” said Z4pnu.

The recent exodus of MLBB pro players moving to other regions allows aspiring rookies to be noticed by the PH MLBB teams as they look to revamp their rosters for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) PH Season 10.

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