How to Get Cheap CP and Free Skins in COD: Mobile Right Now


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How to Get Cheap CP and Free Skins in COD: Mobile Right Now

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Affordable CP Packs and Rebate system for the season.

Season 2: Lunar Dragon is in full swing, and in this article, we'll delve into the exciting updates of Season 2, catering to existing players, returning veterans, and newcomers. Additionally, we'll talk about behind obtaining free and affordable COD Points (CP). If you're already immersed in the COD: Mobile universe, Season 2 brings a golden opportunity to snag the legendary M4 Black Gold Royal skin. To claim this exquisite skin, ensure your COD Mobile account is connected to your Activision account.

Welcoming Back Veterans

Returning players are in for a treat! By simply logging in and playing one match, you can grab the Epic Kilo 141 skin for free. Daily logins for 7 and 8 days unlock epic group weapon skins and characters, providing a variety of enticing options. The return training segment offers additional rewards, including an Epic QQ9, Epic M13, and Jack's Epic Character Skin. Persevere through 14 days of tasks to secure the permanent skin of your choice.

Rewards for Returning Players IN CODM

Rewards for Returning Players

The Quest for Free and Cheap CP

Now, let's shift our focus to obtaining CP on a budget. Special offers in the game's store present an extraordinary opportunity to acquire 320 CP for just INR 80 (price may very slightly depending on platform & region). Some offers include premium crates along with the CP, making it a steal for players returning after a hiatus. Make sure to explore these options for an affordable Battle Pass and additional in-game rewards.

New Players' CP Bonanza

For the newcomers, Season 2 introduces the New Recruit Supply tab. Here, you can participate in draws using tokens. Completing various tasks, some of which are free, will earn you tokens. A three-day event offers the chance to draw for free CP. The first draw grants 40 CP, and subsequent draws can bring additional rewards, like silo crate coupons.

Bonus CP: CP Rebate Event for All

In Season 2, players can claim bonus amount on CP depending on CP they spend during the season 2 cycle. Players can claim upto 50% back, however, the percentage may vary from players to players. For example, if you purchase items worth 10,000 CP in the game during this season, given that you get 50% rebate, you'll get 5000 CP credited in your account.

Milestones for New Players

New players can also unlock two-day trials for Legendary weapons at specific milestones. While the CP offer for new players might not be as generous as for returning ones, the trials for Legendary weapons add significant value to their gaming experience.

In conclusion, COD: Mobile Season 2 has a plethora of rewards and opportunities for players at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a returning player, or a fresh recruit, there are enticing incentives waiting for you. Take advantage of the free CP opportunities and affordable special offers to enhance your COD: Mobile journey. Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses, and happy gaming!

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