COD: Mobile Season 2 All Legendary Draws Content & Release; Check Now


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COD: Mobile Season 2 All Legendary Draws Content & Release; Check Now

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Take a look at all season 2 draw content coming your way.

COD: Mobile Season 2 - Lunar Dragon is already live but we are yet to receive any major season exclusive content for the season. However, the leaks relegated to the lucky draws and all the legendary guns are already pouring in and we now have an entire calendar of the all the upcoming mythic and legendary skins that will be featured in the season 2 cycle. Not only the calendar includes Chinese new year themed items, well-known legendary and mythic skins will also be making a return this season, which includes Legendary Ghost operator skin and the Mythic Rytech sniper.

COD: Mobile Season 2 All Legendary Draws According to Order of Release

COD: Mobile Season 2 Legendary Draws According to Order of Release

COD: Mobile Season 2 Legendary Draws

1. AK-47 - Iron Lion

First up in the list we have the AK-47 - Iron Lion which will come as part of the Lron Blade draw featuring the Tempest - The Seeking Blade among other rewards. As far as designs and kill effects go, this features the most loud and robust design among all the legendary skins for the season.

2. Legendary 'Darkheart' Sword

The legendary 'Darkheart' Sword melee skin was first rumored to be a Chinese version exclusive. However, recent leaks suggest that it may indeed come in the global version as well. Apart from legendary sword skin which will have a starry kill-effect, the draw will also include pay-to-win skins for CBR-4 and BY-15 with built-in custom sights.

3. Fennec - Scintillant Scales

Next up we have the Dragon's Scales Draw featuring the Fennec - Scintillant Scales with Shadowfall - Scales of Destiny operator. The design of it, especially the operator has created waves in the community and seems like it will be a popular pull among COD: Mobile players. Going a step ahead from regular legendary skins, the Fennec legendary also changes it's color formation every time you inspect it.

4. Legendary Spear - Striking Azure

Breaking the norms, there will be not one, but two lucky draws this season featuring a melee weapon as the main reward. The second one to be released is the Lethal Azure draw featuring the legendary spear daunting a blue aura along with an exclusive epic character skin.

5. DLQ - Dark Void

Lastly, the Black Hole lucky draw which will feature a new legendary skin for the DLQ with a focus on minimalist design instead of flashy animations.

DLQ - Dark Void in CODM Season 2

DLQ - Dark Void

Returning Lucky Draws in COD: Mobile Season 2 Lunar Dragon

Here are All Season 2 Returning Lucky Draws

  • Legendary Ghost - Retribution

  • Legendary Gunzo - Devil Jester

  • Legendary M13 - Carrot Cutie

  • Legendary Arctic .50 - Zodiac Beast

  • Mythic Rytec AMR

Along with all these, players will also be able to get their hands on the new AK117 - Meltdown Prestige by obtaining 3 legendary/mythic skins in the same season.

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