COD: Mobile: All You Need to Know About the Mythic Type 19 Draw

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile: All You Need to Know About the Mythic Type 19 Draw</p></div>
COD: Mobile: All You Need to Know About the Mythic Type 19 Draw


COD: Mobile

Type 19 mythic undergoes vibrant reactive stages, turning from green to crisp white.
Unique Dragon-Inspired Final Form: Imaginary dragon hovers over the gun, a captivating feature.
Aesthetic Iron Sights: Three designs explored; upgraded red dot sights bring nostalgia and solid frames.

Call of Duty: Mobile is about to introduce a new mythic weapon in this season, the Type 19, and in this article, we will delve into all the essential details regarding this exciting addition to the game. From its design to reactive stages and various upgrades, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Mythic Type 19.

The Type 19 - Heavenly Ink Design

The base form of the Type 19 mythic gun and its accompanying character skin showcase an impressive level of coordination, surpassing other combos seen with mythic guns. The aesthetics of this mythic draw seem inspired by Chinese New Year celebrations, blending colorful paints, flames, and featuring a dragon symbolizing the Chinese New Year.

Reactive Stages:

The Type 19 mythic gun undergoes a visual transformation through its reactive stages. Starting with a green shift at the two combo stage, it progresses to light blue at four combos, adopts an orange hue at six combos resembling real fire, and finally transforms into crisp white at the eight combo stage.

Iron Sights: Aesthetic Choices

A detailed exploration of the three iron sights available for the Type 19 mythic, with considerations for each design. The question of whether to upgrade for a better iron sight is addressed, emphasizing the decent base iron sight and the aesthetics of each upgraded version.

The Final Form: Imaginary Dragon and Camo Compatibility

Reaching level 5 unveils the final form of the Type 19 mythic, featuring an imaginary dragon hovering over the barrel. The gun's compatibility with completionist and tournament camos is explored, with a notable affinity for white, particularly in the final reactive stage.

Type 19 Mythic Final Form in COD: Mobile

Type 19 Mythic Final Form

Upgrades and Attachments

Moving on to upgrades, the Type 19 mythic offers a variety of attachments, including a skin for the 3x tactical scope in the first upgrade. Kill effects are introduced at level 2, with a choice between three dragon-themed effects. The final kill effect stands out with its larger size and mythic feel.

Tracer Ammo and Kill Feed

At level 4, the Type 19 mythic introduces Tracer ammo, resembling a paint burst, and an upgraded beta-looking kill feed. This addition provides a unique touch, taking four years for Call of Duty Mobile to introduce paintball-type Tracer ammo.

Character Skin: Dark Shepherd's Unique Appearance

Dark Shepherd, the character featured in this mythic draw, stands out with a superhero or anti-villain vibe. The unique design of Dark Shepherd in this version is highlighted, with a smoother texture on the cape and a dragon-inspired head.

Dark Shepherd Character Skin in COD: Mobile

Dark Shepherd Character Skin

Other Items in the Mythic Draw

An overview of additional items in the mythic draw, including the Type 25 Tactical Inlay, Molotov Cocktail Painted Mist, and Shorty Gripping Thunder. Emphasis is placed on the connections between mythic drops and the significance of associated emotes.

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