Top 5 Guns with Loadouts for Season 2 (2024) of COD: Mobile

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Top 5 Guns with Loadouts for Season 2 (2024) of COD: Mobile


COD: Mobile

Take a look at the most effective choices in the era of AR domination.

The arrival of Season 2 in Call of Duty Mobile brought interesting balance changes, impacting the performance of various guns. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 guns with recommended loadouts for Season 2, 2024, based on insights from a popular YouTube video.

Top 5 Guns with Loadouts for Season 2: Lunar Dragon

5: R9 Shotgun

The R9 Shotgun secures the fifth position, acknowledged for its dominance in the competitive scene. With increased bullet spread accuracy from a recent buff, the R9 is praised for its quick follow-up shots and substantial range, making it a specialized but powerful weapon.

R9 Shotgun Loadout in CDOM

R9 Shotgun Loadout

4: Fennec

The Fennec takes the fourth spot due to its impressive time-to-kill and popularity among professional players. While its effectiveness is heightened with a Mythic or legendary variant, the base version remains viable with proper recoil control and strategic usage.

Fennec Loadout in COD: Mobile

Fennec Loadout

3: Grau 5.56

The Grau 5.56, a community favorite, and the Type Assault Rifle share the same position. Praised for its ease of use, the Grau's low recoil and customizable loadouts make it a top choice.

Grau Loadout in COD: Mobile

Grau Loadout

2: DR-H

The DR-H secures the second position after receiving a headshot multiplier buff, elevating its capabilities to a two-tap headshot. With enhanced potential for range and mobility, the DR competes closely with the top spot.

DR-H Loadout in COD: Mobile

DR-H Loadout

1: HVK

Claiming the top position is the HVK, maintaining its dominance from previous seasons. With a significantly faster fire rate than the DR, two-tap potential at long range, and overall versatility, the HVK stands as the top dog in COD Mobile Season 2.

HVK-30 loadout

HVK-30 loadout for COD: Mobile

As Season 2 unfolds, these top 5 guns and their recommended loadouts offer players strategic options for success in Call of Duty Mobile. Whether you prefer long-range precision, aggressive close-quarter combat, or a versatile playstyle, there's a gun and loadout to suit your preferences in the ever-evolving landscape of COD Mobile.

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