Best Fennec Loadout Used By COD: Mobile World Championship Pros

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Best Fennec Loadout from COD: Mobile World Championship Pros


Here are the pros and cons of the WC built.

We all know why the Fennec is one of the most dominant SMG in the game. Keeping aside the newer additions in the SMG category like the MAC-10 or the Switchblade, the Fennec has forever been the most reliable firearm for slayer and Search & Destroy lovers.

The best part about the gun is even if you have an average reaction time, the low time to kill (TTK) of the weapon can grant you a second chance at any moment. All you have to manage is the frantic recoil, which you can overcome by building an reliable built. Now, what better built there is of not the ones from the best of the best. Below is the loadout that was used by most CODM World Finalists recently, and you can see why.

Fennec Loadout for from CODM World Championship

Best Fennec Loadout

Fennec Loadout for from CODM World Championship

Firstly, the biggest drawback of the Fennce has always been its range. Many often argue thatb this makes the gun less versatile than its rivals like Switchblade. That is why the Monolithic Supressor attachment becomes a must have muzzle to give you an extra boost in the mid-range fights.

Same goes for the barrel as well. Not only it gives you even more range to crossmap enemies in maps like Nuketown, it will also provide you with greater stability over the weapon. And we all have a fair idea of how notorious its recoil can be. Don't waste your focus on managing the recoil while you can use it predict the opponent's movement pattern.

As for the stock, some might prefer to go with No Stock or Combat Stock but remember that one can hardly keep up with that much hit flinch. While using the Fennec, you need to be quick on your feet so that can close the maximum distance between you and your opponent. A Steady Stock there will keep the aim shake at bay.

There's no arguing with the magazine size though. It has one of the fastest fire rate in the game and if you use anything except the extended mag, you'll be running around empty after every little spray.


Lastly, as for the fifth attachment, you may prefer to replace the operator foregrip with Tactical Laser if you are a casual ranked player but as for pros and esports enthusiasts, the operator foregrip will keep you highly accurate at you target at the cost of ADS spped. This can also be swapped with a Red-Dot if you don't have a good blueprint of the gun.

Best Perks for Fennec

Best Perks with Fennec in CODM

Best Perks with Fennec

I recommend a combination of Lightweight, Quick Fix and Dead Silence with Fennec but I personally prefer the Gung-Ho which enables me to remove around without maximum speed while reloading as it demands to be reloaded very frequently, and often, in the middle of the fight.

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