How To Level Up Guns Fast In COD Mobile (2024)


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How To Level Up Guns Fast in COD Mobile (2024)

All the Ways to Get the Best Upgrades Quickly

Ahsan Kabir
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Leveling up guns in Call of Duty: Mobile can take a long time. There are two main ways to level up guns - using them in matches to earn weapon XP, and applying weapon XP cards which provide an XP boost. While skill matters, time played with a weapon is crucial too. Set aside sessions to purely grind weapon levels. More matches = more XP. Play patiently but aggressively for maximum kills per match. While these are the some basics, let's take a look at how you can speed up the process.

Quick Tips to Level Up Guns Fast in COD Mobile:

  • Complete the in-game Boot Camp tutorial for rewards like XP cards

  • Play small maps that allow for more frequent kills and weapon XP

  • Use double weapon XP cards from crates and events for 2x XP

  • Playing with a gun that is already maxed out will yield more XP Card

  • Watch ads after matches to get free 1-game double weapon XP

  • Buy weapon XP cards from the in-game store using credits

  • Keep using max-level guns as they still provide XP cards as rewards

  • Equip the gun you want to level up as much as possible

The key is to play matches actively using the gun you want to upgrade, while utilizing every XP boost possible from cards, events, and bonuses. High performance in matches yields more weapon XP to level guns faster.

Types of Weapon XP Cards

Weapon XP Cards are the main way to directly boost weapon XP outside of just playing matches. There are 3 tiers of weapon XP cards:

Green Weapon XP Cards:

  • Provide 50 weapon XP

  • Less common to obtain

Blue Weapon XP Cards:

  • Provide 100 weapon XP

  • More common than green cards

  • Can purchase for 80 credits in the in-game store

Purple Weapon XP Cards:

  • Provide 500 weapon XP

  • The most powerful XP cards

  • Purchase for 160 credits in the in-game store

Double Weapon XP Cards:

  • Card that doubles the weapon XP earned from playing matches for a set period

  • Two types - 24 hour unlimited use, or 10 match use cards

  • Obtained randomly through opening crates and events

  • Can also get 1 match cards from watching ads after matches

Using a mix of match performance, regular XP cards, and Double XP cards is key to rapid weapon leveling. The purple 500XP cards offer a big boost if you get them. Prioritize blue cards if credits limited.

Best Method to Level Up Guns Fast in COD: Mobile

Here are some tips on the best multiplayer modes and strategies in Call of Duty: Mobile to earn weapon XP quickly:

Small Maps The best game modes for quickly earning weapon XP feature small maps that allow for fast-paced matches with lots of player encounters and gunfights. Good options include:

  • Shipment (prefer 10v10 mode)

  • Shoot House

  • Slums

  • Standoff

  • Scrapyard

These tight battlegrounds let you rack up kills rapidly to gain more weapon XP per match.

Objective Modes: Prioritize objective-based game modes over straight deathmatches. Modes like Domination and Hardpoint require players to congregate around objectives, creating more gunfights. More kills = more weapon XP.

High Alert: Equip the High Alert perk to see enemies coming. Being aware of threats lets you get the drop on enemies first for easier kills. Use sound to stay alert as well.

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