Goldy Says Krafton Can’t Label Teams as Hackers

Umesh Borkar
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8Bit Goldy


Goldy says Krafton may not be able to label teams as cheaters as it may not have the required anti-cheat system.
He also said that he has given his views on Team Mayavi to the people in concern.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in India. It has provided success to a lot of esports athletes as well as content creators. 

Hackers are a common occurrence in BGMI. Many players, esports athletes, and content creators have been exposed in the past for hacking and other unethical tactics used to obtain an unfair advantage. Such gamers are not permitted to play BGMI as a result of harsh measures implemented by Krafton.

Goldy bhai talks about why Krafton can’t label teams as hackers

A team in the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 The Grind was caught hacking and using unethical practices and was disqualified from the event. Experienced teams had to face elimination from that event because of such issues. 

8Bit Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, in his recent livestream, responded regarding the Team Mayavi issue and said that, “Rather than giving my views publicly, I have given my views on Team Mayavi to the concerned people i.e. Snehil (who provided hacking proof against Team Mayavi) and Rushindra Sinha (CEO Global Esports). Krafton will not reply to anyone particularly regarding that someone is cheating or hacking. Krafton may not have that level of anti-cheat system to detect these kinds of activities. Saggy was also providing his POV (Point of View) which was not suspicious to anyone but eventually he was caught”.

In the same live stream 8Bit Mrinmoy “Mercy” Lakhar also said that, “Providing POV’s of players doesn’t help much and proves nothing. Saggy was also caught hacking later on. He was also providing his POV and everything was clean and nothing was suspicious”.

Esports in India is growing rapidly, particularly mobile esports. Krafton is a huge part of the industry with its gaming title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), with millions of fans and players including esports athletes.

The issue of players and teams hacking seems to never cease. Krafton is doing all that it can to propagate fair competition and ensure that there is a level playing field. But it is an arduous task as even the prominent BGMI personalities say that POVs are not proving helpful. Seems like the only way to crack down on hacking and unethical practices is to rely on the community itself to weed out all the bad agents.

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