Godlike Esports’ Zgod to Leave BGMI Esports


Neyoo: Godlike Esports’ Zgod to Leave BGMI Esports

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Neyoo says Zgod is leaving esports due to receiving hate from the recent Skyesports Champions Series disqualification incident which involved him.
Godlike Esports was disqualified from the ongoing Skyesports Champions Series 2024 event for ringing.

Godlike Esports is one of the well known esports organizations in India. Its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team has been in the limelight recently for ringing. The team played an unregistered player on Day 5 of the Skyesports Champions Series 2024 BGMI Semi Finals event after which it faced disqualification from the Tournament Organizer, Skyesports. 

Following the news, it has been revealed that Abhishek "ZGOD"Choudhary, the player whose account was used to play the event is leaving esports due to receiving hate from the audience.

Neyoo reveals Zgod is leaving BGMI esports

In a recent live stream, Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar talked about Zgod leaving esports and said, “I recently talked to Zgod and he informed me that he does not want to compete any more. He told me that whatever incident took place, he was the villain in that situation for the audience even though it was not his fault. Apollo also said that he wants to play with Zgod as Zgod is a team player and listens to calls and reacts faster. If he continues to play or not will be cleared by him when he streams.”

Neyoo also said that the audience does not know how things at the backend work. He said that, “Even when I used to play competitively, if I was given a call to rush, I would just rush without a second thought and used to get eliminated most of the time but for the audience it used to be like that I randomly rushed and just died. So I also used to get hate for those kinds of things.”

Skyesports, on 3rd March, had revealed that after an investigation they found out that Arshpreet "GiLL" Singh was fielded in place of Zgod from Zgods' BGMI account. They put out a statement and said that this kind of situation falls under ringing due to which Godlike Esports was disqualified from the event. 

Godlike Esports BGMI

Godlike Esports in response to the disqualification had released a statement in which it revealed that the decision to play another player from Zgods' account was taken by Godlike Esports’ team manager and analyst. The statement also mentioned that both the team manager and analyst were removed effective immediately for that decision.

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