Geek Fam Baloyskie Slams Allegations of Him Leaking Scrim Results


Geek Fam Baloyskie Slams Allegations of Him Leaking Scrim Results

John Dave Rossel
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Geek Fam's roamer Baloyskie responds to allegations of him leaking scrim sessions.
These false accusations led to some Philippines Teams declining Geek Fam's invite to scrim sessions.
The issue started when Coach Duckeyyy called out someone who is leaking scrim results due to which fans started speculating that Baloyskie may be the person he is referring to.

Geek Fam’s Filipino import Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy slammed allegations from fans claiming that the pro player has been leaking scrim results. The issue started when Bren Esports’ head coach Francis "Duckeyyy" Glindro made a cryptic social media post about someone leaking scrim results. While the post did not mention names, fans and content creators pointed towards Baloyskie as one of the culprits despite the lack of evidence. Following this, the Geek Fam roamer himself posted an official statement and shared his own side of the story, denying the accusations and asking fans to stop spreading misinformation and making misleading content for money.

Baloyskie responds to scrim leaking accusations

Following the team’s dark horse run in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 2022, Baloyskie was hopeful that more teams would be willing to do scrim sessions with them.

Some fans were curious as to why no one would scrim with Geek Fam prior to its run in the invitational event. However, the reason soon emerged as rumors about a mysterious person leaking scrim results was mentioned by Coach Duckeyyy during the regular season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines Season 10.

Fans began speculating that Baloyskie may be one of the potential culprits. Following the allegations made by fans, the Filipino import broke the silence and posted his side of the story on his Facebook account.

“PLEASE STOP DRAGGING MY NAME INTO THE ISSUE ABOUT THOSE SCRIM LEAKS! Yes, after Coach Duckey’s controversial post, my name got dragged along due to the fans. After that, only 2-3 teams were willing to scrim with us from MPL PH,”  Baloyskie wrote.

He continued that his team suffered because of these unwarranted accusations but he used it as motivation to prove that no one can stop him and his team from improving.

“What we achieved in MPLI [2022] is the fruit of our hard work and dedication. If you wish to discredit that by saying it’s a “throw” game or because we “leaked” [scrim results] then that’s your problem,” said Baloyskie. 

The Geek Fam roamer also stated that it’s very unfair to his team who worked hard and improved to achieve a Cinderella run in the MPLI 2022.

Baloyskie ended his statement by calling out a content creator whom he thinks is posting the misleading content. Through a now-deleted Twitter post, he called out the MLBB content creator Inspi Gaming.

Baloyskie called out Inspi Gaming.

This led fans to believe that Inspi Gaming was the one who started the fire and spread the misinformation. The content creator posted a video where he claims he was able to talk to sources which led him to speculate that Baloyskie may be the one leaking scrim sessions because PH teams wouldn’t scrim with Geek Fam.

Inspi Gaming set the video on private after the backlash.

Following the backlash, Inspi Gaming set the video on private and shared his own statement on Facebook regarding the backlash that ensued for ruining Baloyskie’s reputation as a pro player.

While the culprit behind the leaking of scrim results is still unknown, content creators and fans should be mindful when sharing rumors and speculations. Not only do they ruin someone’s hard earned reputation, but they can also lead to serious backlash when other fans believe their statements to be true despite being unconfirmed.

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