Geek Fam Sweeps Blacklist International  in the MPLI 2022


Geek Fam Sweeps Blacklist International in the MPLI 2022

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Geek Fam eliminated Blacklist International in the MPLI 2022.
Geek Fam scored a 2-0 clean sweep victory against Blacklist International.
Geek Fam's roamer Baloyskie stated that this win gave the squad the confidence it needed to keep competing after its disappointing run in the MPL ID Season 10.

In a surprising turn of events, Geek Fam Indonesia (ID) eliminated the fan-favorite team from the Philippines (PH), Blacklist International, in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 2022. Geek Fam shocked fans as it scored a 2-0 clean sweep victory against the M3 World Champions in the quarter-finals match. Through a post-match interview, Geek Fam’s Filipino import, Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy stated that his team was just lucky that they were able to ruin the pace of Blacklist International in the MPLI 2022. The Geeks will proceed to the Semi-Finals and are one step closer to winning the championship title of the invitational event.

Geek Fam dominates Blacklist International in the MPLI 2022

The first game of the series started with Blacklist International leading by securing major objectives. However, at the 13-minute mark, the Codebreakers forced a Lord contest against Geek Fam. This did not work in Blacklist International’s favor as the Geeks were able to win the team fight with a massive wipeout and immediately close the game right after.

In the second game, the Codebreakers drafted the same lineup, except for Edward "EDWARD" Dapadap who switched from Terizla to Esmeralda. This lineup did not work out well as Balcklist International kept losing in team fights, allowing Geek Fam to take enough resources to win the second game and deliver a clean sweep victory.

Geek Fam Sweeps Blacklist International

Geek Fam did not “Break the Code,” says Baloyskie

The untimely defeat of Blacklist International was a surprising moment for the fans. No one expected that the powerhouse team of the Philippines would get swept by Geek Fam who only finished 8th place in the MPL ID Season 10.

When asked if the Geek squad was able to “Break the Code,” Baloyskie stated that they were just following their instincts when playing against Blacklist International.

“I think we just got lucky,” said Geek Fam’s roamer. “We just play with our instinct and try to destroy their pace.” 

Beating the fan-favorite team proved to be a huge morale booster for the Geek squad. This was the much needed motivation the team needed after the team’s disappointing run in the MPL ID Season 10.

“After beating Blacklist, our confidence went up so high,” said Baloyskie. “But we cannot underestimate the [other] teams because all of them are good.”

Geek Fam MPLI 2022 interview

It will be interesting to see if Geek Fam can keep its momentum going and potentially win the MPLI 2022 championship title.

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