Free Fire New Moco Store: Steps to Get Knee Slide Animation & More Rewards


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Free Fire New Moco Store: Steps to Get Knee Slide Animation & More Rewards

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire MAX has launched another exciting Moco Store Luck Royale event. Running from February 15th through the 22nd, the coveted Knee Slide arrival animation takes center stage as the highlight grand prize. The Knee Slide animation displays your character dramatically sliding on their knees through a grassy field when entering a game lobby or starting a match. Alongside the slick animation, several other top-tier gun skins, bundles, and cosmetics are up for grabs.

Knee Slide arrival animation in New Moco Store

As the name suggests, the Moco Store event guarantees players both a grand prize and a bonus prize from two different prize pools by making a certain number of spins using diamonds. The spins start at 9 diamonds and scale up to 499 diamonds for the final spin.

The grand prizes include the showstopping Knee Slide animation, Steady Goal gloo wall skin, Magenta Striker bundle, M24 Riverdust Splasher gun skin, Phantom Assassin SCAR weapon loot crate, and Cloud Rider skyboard. Players can also snag bonus loot like the Magenta Football gloo wall, Trophy Case loot box, Steel Striker backpack, Kite Sky parachute, Silver Frost pan, and Floating Cloud bundle.

List of the Knee Slide Moco Store event

Main Prize

  • Knee Slide

  • Steady Goal-Gloo wall

  • Magenta Striker bundle

  • M24-Riverdust Splasher

  • Phantom Assassin-SCAR

  • Cloud Rider

Bonus Prize

  • Magenta Football-Gloo Wall

  • Trophy Case-Loot box

  • Steel Striker-Backpack

  • Kite Sky parachute

  • Silver Frost-Pan

  • Floating Cloud

New Moco Store

New Moco Store in Free Fire

Since no rewards are repeated, obtaining the desired grand prize and bonus loot is ensured within a reasonable number of spins. Other consolation prizes offered with each spin include gold and diamond vouchers, demolitionist weapon loot crates, cube fragments, and more.

To get your hands on the slick Knee Slide animation, simply head to the Luck Royale section within Free Fire MAX and access the special Knee Slide Moco Store. Peruse the grand prizes and bonus rewards, make your selections, then tap the confirm button and spend your diamonds on those coveted spins!

Strike a captivating pose by equipping the Knee Slide animation with some matching bundles and skins also available in this latest Moco Store. But act fast, as the event disappears on February 22nd.

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