Free Fire: How to Get Valentine Duo Emote and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire: How to Get Valentine Duo Emote and More</p></div>
Free Fire: How to Get Valentine Duo Emote and More


Free Fire

New duo emotes "What a Pair!" and "Be My Valentine" available.
Spins cost 20 diamonds, grand prize guaranteed in 50 spins.
Prize pool includes Graffiti Cameraman and Eternal Descent emotes.

Free Fire MAX gamers can spread some love this Valentine’s season through the exciting new Emote Royale Luck Royale event. Running from February 10th to the 24th, this themed event offers players a chance to get their hands on romantic new emotes and cosmetics. The highlight of Emote Royale is two brand new duo emotes perfect for couples and squads. The first is the adorable “What a Pair!” emote featuring two pet dogs. When triggered, they will appear beside players, barking happily while flaunting cute heart-shaped accessories.

More about the Valentine Emote Royale Event

Meanwhile, the lovely “Be My Valentine” emote materializes a charming white flower that players can offer to their in-game Valentine. It's a sweet and simple way to ask teammates or friends to be your valentine!

Aside from the duo emotes, the Emote Royale also contains cool free emotes like Graffiti Cameraman and Eternal Descent. Players can also nab themed backpack skins, loot crates, shoe tokens, and more from the prize pool by spending diamonds.

Full List of Prize Pool in the Emote Royale Event

  • What a Pair!

  • Be My Valentine

  • Graffiti Cameraman

  • Eternal Descent

  • Ocean Swag Top

  • Red Fortune (Top)

  • Lucky Red (Bottom)

  • Rogue (Bottom)

  • Prosperity heels

  • Female techwear (shoes)

  • Backpack-Haunting Night

  • Skyboard-Season of Love

  • Imp-Heads Weapon Loot Crate

  • AK47-Water Ballon Weapon loot crate

  • Ordinary items

Collecting the emotes requires a bit of luck. Gamers need to head to the Luck Royale section and access the Emote Royale tab. From there, spins can be purchased using diamonds - 20 diamonds per spin. Rewards are given out randomly after each spin. Luckily, a grand prize is guaranteed within 50 spins or under 1000 diamonds.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Emote Royale offers the perfect way for Free Fire MAX players to celebrate the season with friends, partners and squadmates. The What a Pair and Be My Valentine emotes will definitely come in handy! But act quick, as this love-filled event ends on February 24th.

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