Free Inner Whisper Scythe in Free Fire MAX this week; Check How to get


Free Fire MAX

Free Inner Whisper Scythe in Free Fire MAX this week; Check How to get

Ahsan Kabir
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Claim free Scythe-Inner Whisper in Free Fire MAX events.
Navigate events, find "Deal Damage to Win", claim rewards.
Equip new scythe weapon from in-game armory seamlessly.

Free Fire is currently hosting some wild chaos-themed in-game events that are allowing players to get their hands on some seriously cool free item rewards. A brand new event just launched today that has an extremely attractive Scythe weapon skin up for grabs, at absolutely no cost to players. The only thing required is dealing damage to enemy characters across the various different game modes available. The specific missions are nice and simple, meaning they won't take too much time or effort to complete.

How to Get free Inner Whisper Scythe from Free Fire MAX this week

The latest installment of the "Deal Damage to Win" event officially commenced earlier today on February 6, 2024 for players on the Indian Free Fire MAX server. It will be sticking around and available to participate in until February 12, 2024, giving players a solid week to complete the missions. The grand prize jewel is undoubtedly the fresh and exclusive Inner Whisper Scythe weapon skin.

This slick new Scythe cosmetic rocks a chaotic, gritty, and rustic visual style that is sure to turn heads on the battlefield. But awesome skins aren't the only rewards up for grabs. The event prize pool also contains some handy Luck Royale vouchers as well as special Weapon loot crates. Here is the exact criteria players must meet to earn each reward:

Missions to Get Rewards

  • Deal 25,000 total damage to enemies (in Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or Lone Wolf modes): Receive 1 Luck Royale voucher

  • Deal 50,000 total damage to enemies (in any of those 3 modes): Receive 3 Pink Devil Weapon loot crates

  • Deal 100,000 total damage to enemies (in any of those 3 modes): Receive the epic Scythe - Inner Whisper weapon skin

Steps to get Scythe-Inner Whisper for free

  1. Launch the Free Fire MAX application and log into your account.

  2. Navigate to the "Events" section.

  3. Under the "Activities" tab, locate and select the "Deal Damage to Win" event.

  4. Find the "Claim" button next to the list of rewards.

  5. Click the "Claim" button to redeem your free rewards.

  6. Go to the "Armory" section.

  7. Select the "Weapons" tab within Armory.

  8. Equip the newly acquired Scythe-Inner Whisper item.

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