Free Fire Ice Top-Up event Offering Free Ice Scythe Skin; Check How to Get


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Free Fire Ice Top-Up event Offering Free Ice Scythe Skin; Check How to Get

Ahsan Kabir
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New Free Fire event offers free Ice Scythe skin when buying 1,500 diamonds.
Pink & Spiky female bundle also available through Ice Top Up event rewards.
Players have until March 3rd to redeem icy scythe and bundle via diamond purchases.

Free Fire has introduced a new Top Up event offering players an opportunity to obtain a free scythe skin and female bundle when purchasing a specific number of diamonds. While the rewards are not extremely rare items, they still add value for those spending money on diamonds. Players should take advantage of this event as it does not cost anything extra.

New Free Fire Ice Top-Up Provides Free Ice Scythe Skin

Launched on February 9th, 2024 and lasting until March 3rd, the Ice Top Up event is available on the Indian Free Fire MAX server. As expected from the wintry name, the Ice Scythe has a cold aesthetic that stands out from other scythe skins. Those without a scythe skin should consider obtaining this one while they can. However, players must first purchase diamonds to unlock the scythe. Aside from the scythe skin, a “Pink & Spiky” female bundle and an earthy face paint are also up for grabs completely free when 1,500 diamonds are bought.

Diamond Purchase Requirements to Unlock All Ice Top Up Rewards

  • 100 diamonds:

  • 300 diamonds: Pink & Spiky shoes

  • 500 diamonds: Pink & Spiky top

  • 700 diamonds: Pink & Spiky bottom

  • 1,000 diamonds: Pink & Spiky head

  • 1,500 diamonds: Earthy Facepaint

Notably, players do not have to make each of those purchases separately. One purchase of 1,500 diamonds fulfills the requirements to unlock all the aforementioned rewards.

Ice Scythe skin in Free Fire

Ice Scythe skin

How to Access the Top Up Event and Obtain the Rewards

  • Step 1: Select the diamond icon at the top of the home screen and purchase the necessary diamond pack, keeping the event requirements in mind.

  • Step 2: Once diamonds are added to your account, go to the event section.

  • Step 3: Choose the Ice Top Up event, review the rewards, and tap the Claim button to receive them.

The Ice Top Up event provides a good opportunity for Free Fire players to get some exclusive items at no extra cost when purchasing diamonds. Act fast to redeem the Ice Scythe skin and Pink & Spiky bundle before the event concludes on March 3rd.

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