Free Fire MAX March 2024 Booyah Pass (Season 15) Leaked with Exclusive Rewards

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire MAX March 2024 Booyah Pass (Season 15) Leaked with Exclusive Rewards</p></div>
Free Fire MAX March 2024 Booyah Pass (Season 15) Leaked with Exclusive Rewards


Free Fire MAX

March 2024 Booyah Pass: Rainforest theme, Ribbit Fable Bundle.
Tuk-Tuk-Ribbit Vacation, MAC10-Ribbit Rain, and Ribbit Fable Bundle await in March.

As the Free Fire community eagerly anticipates the arrival of March, a brand-new Booyah Pass is set to launch, bringing with it a unique 'Rainforest' theme. Thanks to data miners, players can already catch a glimpse of the enticing rewards that await them, with the spotlight on the Ribbit Fairytale Bundle and the Ribbit Fable Bundle.

Release Date and Duration of the Season 15 March 2024 Booyah Pass

Mark your calendars as the March Booyah Pass is scheduled to make its debut on March 1, 2024, specifically for the Indian Server of Free Fire MAX. Excitingly, players will have the entire month of March to seize the rewards before the pass concludes.

Female Bundle in&nbsp;Free Fire  Booyah Pass

Female Bundle in Free Fire MAX March 2024 Booyah Pass

Pricing Tiers: Options and Benefits for Players

The journey to obtain the Booyah Pass begins with a base cost of 499 diamonds. For those seeking an enhanced experience, there's a premium pass option available for 999 diamonds. Opting for the premium pass not only grants players an instant boost of 50 levels but also unlocks repeatable rewards, adding value to the overall experience.

Exploring the Unique Features of the March 2024 Booyah Pass

Diving into the enchanting rainforest theme, the March 2024 Booyah Pass introduces a collection of serene and calming rewards, deviating from the usual aggressive and furious styles. The Ribbit Fable bundle takes center stage with its simple yet captivating frog-themed appearance, featuring a rare light green and white combination that is sure to stand out in the Free Fire community.

Additionally, players can enhance their in-game aesthetics with a Ribbit Rider Tuk-Tuk, Grenade, and loot box skin, all available for a reasonable 499 diamonds.

Ribbit Rider in Free Fire MAX

Ribbit Rider in Free Fire MAX March 2024 Booyah Pass

Earning Rewards: Beyond Purchasing the Booyah Pass

While obtaining the Booyah Pass is the initial step, players must actively engage in Daily and Weekly Missions to accumulate BP points. These points are crucial for making progress and unlocking a variety of rewards, ensuring a fulfilling and dynamic gaming experience.

Leaked Items: Sneak Peek into the Exclusive Rewards

For those eager to get a head start, leaked items from the Free Fire March 2024 Booyah Pass (Season 15) have surfaced, revealing the following milestones:

  • Level 1: Ribbit Fairytale Bundle

  • Level 20: Tuk-Tuk-Ribbit Vacation

  • Level 50: MAC10-Ribbit Rain

  • Level 70: Skyboard Ribbit Rip

  • Level 90: Ribbit Rider

  • Level 100: Ribbit Fable Bundle

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the rainforest-themed Booyah Pass, where unique rewards and a tranquil gaming experience await players throughout the month of March.

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