Dr Disrespect To Feature In PUBG Mobile 13 Days Of Halloween Event


Dr Disrespect to Feature in PUBG Mobile's 13 Days of Halloween Event

The final day of the event is going to be 'DocTerrific'.

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Dr Disrespect will be a part of PUBG Mobile's ongoing '13 Days of Halloween' event.
The event which is running from 17th to 29th Oct 2021 will see Dr Disrespect playing multiple PUBG Mobile games on the final day of the event.
Dr Disrespect will be assembling his own team from among the content creators present to take the final fight on Erangel.

PUBG Mobile is currently celebrating a two week Halloween event called '13 Days of Halloween' scheduled to take place from 17th to 29th Oct 2021. Since the start, organizers had been teasing a feature with a big celebrity for the final day of the event. The veil surrounding this mystery has finally been lifted as Dr Disrespect will be joining the event on 29th October at 17:00 PT (30th October, 05:30 IST).

Dr Disrespect will play PUBG Mobile alongside three teams made up of content creators that are already a part of the event - Team Violence, Team Speed, Team Momentum. After this, Dr Disrespect will select one member from each of the three teams to join him for the grand finale called Team Doc.

Dr Disrespect joins PUBG Mobile's ongoing event '13 Days of Halloween'

One of the biggest streaming superstars and gaming content creators in the world, Dr Disrespect, will be the special guest on PUBG Mobile's final day of the Halloween themed event. He will be playing multiple games of PUBG Mobile alongside the 10 other content creators who are already a part of this grand event.

13 Days of Halloween started on 17th October with a selected content creator running the show on a particular day, where viewers stood a chance to win daily prizes. The schedule for this is as follows:

  • Medalcore - 19th October

  • Jacob Gaming - 20th October

  • Bushka - 21st October

  • Wynnsanity - 22nd October

  • HotJukes - 23rd October

  • Bella Fox - 24th October

  • Her Gaming - 25th October

  • Rollexxx - 26th October

  • LuPower - 27th October

  • Powerbang - 28th October

Dr Disrespect will be joining this event on its final day, 29th October from 17:00 PT onwards. He will first compete alongside three teams consisting of three content creators each, the lineup for which is as follows:

  1. Team Violence - MedalCore, Wynnsanity, Rollexxx, Dr Disrespect

  2. Team Speed - HotJukes, Her Gaming, LuPower, Dr Disrespect

  3. Team Momentum - Bushka, Bella Fox, Jacob Gaming, Dr Disrespect

After playing a game of PUBG Mobile with each of these teams, Dr Disrespect will choose a content creator of his liking from each team to create a new team, Team Doc. This team will then go on to play a game on Erangel as part of Game #4, giving viewers a chance to unlock more amazing prizes.

One event associated with Dr Disrespect's arrival is the 'Who Will Doc Choose?' raffle, giving participants a chance to win 30 AirPods Pro and a new iPhone 13. Users that are interested in participating in this event can do so by clicking here.

Who Will Doc Choose Raffle

Apart from the event mentioned above, other events that are currently active or taking place on a daily basis are 'Ride To Survive' and 'Daily Giveaway'. Details about these events, how to participate, prizes to be won, and other such information can be obtained by clicking here.

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