Japanese PUBG Mobile Pro Player Suspended for Underaged Drinking


Japanese PUBG Mobile Pro Player Suspended for Underaged Drinking

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Nineteen year old Japanese PUBG Mobile pro player, Devine received a suspension for reportedly drinking alcohol, doing so with a minor woman.
The duration of the suspension is yet to be revealed.
Team REJECT also received a fine of ¥1 million ($9,100 USD) from PMJL Season 1 organizer, X-Moment, for the violation of its pro player.

Japanese PUBG Mobile pro player for REJECT, Kouiki “Devine” Sekikaw received a suspension for drinking alcohol while underaged. The pro player will be taking a break from the esports scene and will reflect on his actions. According to an official statement from the organization, REJECT apologized for the inconvenience and concerns caused to all parties involved. The organization will also take necessary steps to ensure this never happens again. Devine will also be suspended from participating in the PUBG Mobile Japan League (PMJL) which is scheduled to kick off next month. REJECT has also received a hefty fine of ¥1 million ($9,100 USD).

Japanese PUBG Mobile Team, REJECT, penalized for a violation of its player

Japanese esports organization, REJECT, revealed on its official website that one of its pro players, Devine has been suspended for underaged drinking. The organization stated that the pro player, who was 19 years old at that time, was drinking alcoholic beverages with another minor woman. The legal drinking age of Japan is 20 years old.

REJECT admitted its lack of guidance for its pro players and apologized for the inconvenience and concerns that arose due to this incident. The organization promises to do better moving forward.

This matter is due to the lack of supervision of our company, and we apologize for the inconvenience and concern to all the people who are indebted to us and the fans who support us. We deeply apologize for what you have done,” stated REJECT in its official statement (translated using Google Translate).

The organization has also suspended Devine from competing in esports events. The duration of the suspension is yet to be revealed.

Following this incident, X-Moment, the esports organizer for the PMJL Season 1, also announced that it has suspended the pro player from participating in the upcoming tournament. Additionally, X-Moment imposed a ¥1 million ($9,100 USD) fine on REJECT for the violation of its player.

The PMJL Season 1 Phase 2 will start on 18th Sept 2021.

PUBG Mobile

REJECT, formerly known as All Rejection Gaming or ARG, is one of the popular PUBG Mobile teams in Japan. The team has acquired numerous championship titles such as the PUBG Mobile Japan Championship Season 2 and the first phase of the PUGB Mobile Japan League Season 1.

The current roster of REJECT is composed of the following members;

  • Iguchi "Lapis" Shota

  • Keiichi "CrazyGoRi" Yanagizawa

  • Ryohei "Matyo" Masuda

  • Nishikawa "Duelo" Yuya

  • Suzuki "SaRa" Kento

  • Reiji "ReijiOcO" Maeda

  • Kouki "Devine" Sekikawa (Suspended)

The second phase of the MPJL Season 1 will feature 16 teams competing for the lion’s share of the $663,000 prize pool. The tournament is scheduled to kick off on 18th Sept 2021.

It will be interesting to see if REJECT can keep its momentum going in the second phase of the MPJL Season 1 without one of its main players and defend its title until the grand finale.

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