Demonkite Reveals Reason for Skipping MPL PH Season 11

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Demonkite Reveals Reason for Skipping MPL PH Season 11</p></div>
Demonkite Reveals Reason for Skipping MPL PH Season 11


RSG PH's demonkite explains why he took a break and skipped MPL PH Season 11.
He revealed that he felt jaded after losing his chance to compete in the M4 World Championship.
Demonkite plans to change his gamer tag/ IGN soon.

The legendary jungler of RSG Slate Philippines (PH), Jonard Cedrix "Demonkite" Caranto, stated why he has decided to take a hiatus and not compete in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) PH Season 11. According to him, he became jaded after losing the M4 World Championship bid in the lower bracket finals match in Season 10. Demonkite also stated that his major goal was to keep RSG PH's momentum going after it won several championships, similar to how Blacklist International dominated the Mobile Legends esports scene. The stress of maintaining a winning streak and then losing it versus ECHO in the Season 10 playoffs convinced him that he needed to take a break.

Why Demonkite skipped MPL PH Season 11?

Through a recent livestream, Demonkite shared the reason why he did not compete in the MPL PH Season 11. 

“Personal issue? It’s hard to explain. How do I explain this? I don’t know how to explain,” said the star jungler.

Fans started pointing out that it may be due to the team’s upsetting loss back in Season 10 where the M4 World Championship ticket was swept away by ECHO in the lower bracket finals match.

“I think it’s like that, of course, it’s frustration to lose just like that. One step, it’s like, one more win, it’s a worlds [ticket],” Demonkite explained.

Being one of the strongest teams back in 2022, Demonkite looked back on RSG PH’s glory days where he later revealed the heavy pressure he felt when the squad had its momentum going. He wanted to follow the path that Blacklist International took and eventually score his first world series victory.

“It had a huge effect on me because back in MPL Season 9, champions, MSC [2022], champions, then I was also a rookie. It’s similar to Blacklist’s dynasty,” Demonkite said.

He further elaborated that he wanted to be just like the M3 World Champion and get consecutive tournament accolades. However, the momentum was halted by ECHO who defeated them in the lower bracket finals match. Winning the match would have lead the squad to join Blacklist International in representing the Philippines in the M4 World Championship. 

“We were one win away but we lost our chance for M4… the feeling is different when we became champions and you have a lot of thoughts, believing that the momentum continues to Worlds. Every player dreams of competing in Worlds,” Demonkite explained.

“[We only needed] one more poke, but we lost,” he added.

Will Demonkite return for MPL PH Season 12?

During the livestream, Demonkite did not specifically confirm whether he will return to RSG PH’s competitive squad for the MPL PH Season 12. However, the star jungler hinted that he might be changing his gamer tag soon.

RSG PH is set to face ONIC PH on 4th May at 5:00 PM in the MPL PH Season 11 playoffs. As defending champions of the MSC 2022, it will be interesting to see if the renowned Kingslayers are able to score a ticket to the upcoming MSC 2023, and defend their title

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