COD Mobile Season 5 Test Server Leaks Hint at New Automatic Pistol

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD Mobile Season 5 Test Server Leaks Hint At New Automatic Pistol</p></div>

COD Mobile Season 5 Test Server Leaks Hint At New Automatic Pistol


Leaks suggest the C96 Mauser Pistol may debut in COD Mobile Season 5, offering unique gameplay with its historical significance.
The C96 Mauser Pistol is anticipated to have a fast fire rate and small magazine, requiring strategic use and frequent reloads.
Equipping the C96 Mauser Pistol with the Akimbo Perk could change close-quarter combat dynamics, allowing dual-wielding at the expense of range.

The world of COD Mobile (Call of Duty: Mobile) is constantly evolving, with new weapons and features being introduced to keep the gameplay fresh, engaging, and competitive.

Recent leaks from COD Mobile Season 5 Test Server have surfaced, revealing that the iconic C96 Mauser Pistol, known from historical battles and apprances in former Call of Duty titles, might make its COD Mobile debut in the upcoming Season 5.

New Automatic Pistol Might be Added to COD Mobile in Season

The C96 Mauser Pistol, commonly known as Broomhandle, has a storied history in the real world and across various Call of Duty titles. Originally designed in 1896, this semi-automatic pistol was extensively used during both World Wars.

COD Mobile Season 5: Possible Gameplay Implications of C96 Mauser Pistol

According to the leak, the C96 Mauser might appear in the next season with characteristics that could shake up COD Mobile's gameplay.

It is described as having a fast cyclic rate of fire, comparable to submachine guns, and reasonable handling typical of handguns. However, its significant drawback is a small magazine size of only 10 rounds, making extended magazines a necessary upgrade for effective use.

Furthermore, the potential to equip the pistol with the Akimbo Perk could introduce a new dynamic to close-quarter engagements in COD Mobile. This perk would allow players to wield two of these pistols simultaneously, potentially doubling their output at the cost of reduced effective range.

C96 Mauser Pistol with Akimbo Perk

What Can Players Expect From This New Pistol in COD Mobile Season 5?

The introduction of the C96 Mauser could be met with mixed reactions from the community. While some players might appreciate its historical significance and unique gameplay which it will be offering to them, others may find it underwhelming due to its small magazine size and the frequent reloads it necessitates.

Developers will need to keep in mind the balancing aspect of this weapon, which will be crucial in determining its success and popularity in the game.

As we approach the release of COD Mobile Season 5, the community eagerly awaits the confirmation and arrival of the C96 Mauser Pistol in yet another Call of Duty title.

Its unique characteristics and potential game-changing modifications will undoubtedly add a fresh layer of strategy to the game. Whether it becomes a new favorite or an occasional novelty remains to be seen.

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