Top 20 Must Know Changes for COD Mobile Season 4 (2024)


Top 20 Must Know Changes for COD Mobile Season 4 (2024)

Ahsan Kabir
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The Arsenal map now features automatic doors, a controversial addition receiving mixed opinions from the community regarding its impact on gameplay.
The MG42 LMG receives two new exclusive sights, the Nidar Model 47 and the MK3 Sun Fure, catering to customization preferences of players.
New graphics settings added including background blur and ADS blur.

COD Mobile Season 4 (Call of Duty Mobile) has brought plenty of changes and additions, many of which may have gone unnoticed by players. From map reworks and optimizations to new features and cosmetic items, this season promises to elevate the gaming experience.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, prepare to be enlightened as we unveil 20 secret things and changes that demand your attention. Buckle up and get ready to explore the depths of this action-packed update.

COD Mobile Season 4 (2024) - 20 Secret Things and Changes

1. The Estate location on the Isolated map has received a significant rework, featuring a new 'Grand Canyon cracked Cliff' design, adding more detail to an area that previously lacked in comparison to other parts of the map.

2. A background blur effect has been added when using the 1D over the 1P DOF setting, and the blur effect when aiming down sights (ADS) has been improved. This setting is only available for devices capable of running Max Graphics.

3. Automatic doors have been introduced to the Arsenal map, receiving mixed reactions from the community.

4. Lethal and tactical grenades now display a throw buff on the mini-map, visible to spectators.

5. A new login option using Google has been added to the game.

6. User experience under certain network conditions has been optimized by improving feedback speed, location accuracy, and reducing occasional hit determination issues.

7. The weapon pool for Gun Game and Gun Game Team Fight has been updated.

8. Two new exclusive sights, the Nidar Model 47 and the MK3 Sun Fure, have been added for the MG42 LMG.

9. The hardpoint spawn locations on Raid, Terminal, and Arsenal maps have been optimized for better gameplay.

10. The ranked pool has been updated, removing Meltdown and Haceinda for Search and Destroy, adding Arsenal and removing Haceinda for Domination, and adding Arsenal while removing Haceinda for Hardpoint.

11. A new 'Engagement Pass' system is set to replace the Monthly Login Calendar, featuring a Battle Pass-like layout with tiers, challenges, and rewards such as weapon skins, characters, and crates.

12. One of three previous mythic draws (Mythic DLQ-33, Mythic AK-117, or DLQ-33 Base Buster) is expected to return in Season 4.

13. A new privacy feature has been added, making the friends list invisible when in streamer mode.

14. Players can claim a free Legendary Calling Card if they have purchased six or more Battle Passes from 2021 by accessing the BP Special Bonuses.

15. A new collaboration with the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile and potentially Genshin Impact's 'Path to Nowhere' has introduced a legendary MAC-10 skin.

16. The Supply Pass has been renamed to "Cash Vaults," and the UI of the Sales tab has been updated.

17. A new 'Fast Climb' setting adds a button to the joystick, allowing players to climb objects faster instead of using the jump button.

18. The 'Auto' setting enables automatic mantling and vaulting over objects when near them, using the joystick instead of the jump button.

19. The 'ADS FOV Curve' setting adjusts the field of view slightly when aiming down sights, introducing a delay in the zoom effect.

20. The 'Animation Blend' setting aims to make weapon switching and sprinting animations appear smoother and more seamless.

21. Players can now customize the appearance of other players' health bars and names, including options to remove the health bar, adjust opacity and size, or display a blue dot instead of the name.

With an array of exciting changes and additions, COD Mobile Season 4 (2024) promises to keep players engaged and captivated.

This season caters to both veterans and newcomers alike, from the visually striking map reworks to the introduction of the Engagement Pass system and the highly anticipated collaborative legendary weapon skin.

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