COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon Balance Changes: All Nerfs And Buffs


COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon Balance Changes: All Nerfs and Buffs

Ahsan Kabir
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TEC-9 sees significant improvements with increased damage, range, and hip-fire accuracy, enhancing its effectiveness in Battle Royale.
Grau 5.56 experiences a reduction in ADS movement speed, balancing its previously dominant presence in fast-paced combat scenarios.
Man-O-War's Thermite ammo receives a nerf, reducing its damage area to fine-tune its impact on gameplay.

As gamers dive into COD Mobile Season 4 (Call of Duty: Mobile), they will notice several significant adjustments to the game's weapon balance, impacting both buffs and nerfs across various weaponry, enhancing gameplay dynamics and strategy.

This season focuses on refining the weapons arsenal to provide a more balanced and engaging combat experience. Here are the weapon adjustments released with the official patch notes.

COD Mobile Season 4 Weapon Balance Changes

Buffs to Enhance Gameplay

  1. TEC-9

    • Increased damage multiplier

    • Extended range

    • Improved hip-fire accuracy (BR only)

  2. MAC-10

    • Extended damage range

  3. Swordfish

    • Increased damage multiplier

  4. CBR4

    • Increased ADS movement speed

    • Reduced get-hit flinch

  5. Type 19

    • Improved ADS accuracy

  6. S36

    • Increased damage

    • Increased damage multiplier

  7. MSMC

    • Increased damage multiplier

    • Improved hip-fire accuracy

  8. PKM

    • Increased damage multiplier

    • Improved ADS accuracy

    • Reduced get-hit flinch

  9. EMP

    • Significantly reduced charge time

  10. Tempest

    • Reduced charge time

  11. VTOL

    • Reduced score required for activation

  12. Guardian

    • Increased HP

  13. Alert

    • Increased detection range

MG-42 in Season 4 of CODM

New LMG MG-42 in Season 4 of CODM

Nerfs to Maintain Competitive Balance

  1. Grau 5.56

    • Decreased ADS movement speed

  2. Man-O-War

    • Decreased damage area for Thermite ammo

  3. LW3-Tundra

    • Decreased Steady Aim countdown

What's in COD Mobile Season 4?

Launched on 17th April 2024, this season is set to introduce a plethora of new and exciting features. Players can expect an array of treasure hunter-themed weapon blueprints and operator skins in both the Battle Pass and in-game store, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The new Dropkick multiplayer mode is a significant addition to the gameplay, offering a unique and strategic challenge. In this mode, players compete to control a single briefcase and earn points, with a catch: fallen operators on the defending team do not respawn until the briefcase is dropped. This innovative gameplay mechanic ensures a fast-paced and engaging experience, keeping players on their toes throughout the match.

Further enriching the season are the enhancements to player and weapon experience. The introduction of a Battle Pass Subscription offers additional monthly rewards, including a 10% boost to player and weapon XP, discount coupons, and exclusive crate pulls. These additions are designed to reward players for their engagement and provide an incentive to explore all that Season 4 has to offer.

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