COD Mobile Season 4 Fool's Gold Battle Pass Rewards: All Character and Weapon Blueprints

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD Mobile Season 4 Fool's Gold Battle Pass Rewards: All Character And Weapon Blueprints</p></div>

COD Mobile Season 4 Fool's Gold Battle Pass Rewards: All Character And Weapon Blueprints


COD Mobile Season 4 introduces vibrant new skins like Strongarm in Floral Fatality and the tactical RCXD scorestreak at Tier 14.
Players can unlock the MG42 at Tier 21, enhancing firepower with a high-capacity LMG perfect for strategic gameplay in COD Mobile.
Tier 50 offers the Rubblemaker MG42 skin and a new Sims character, rounding off the Battle Pass with unique rewards.

Season 4 of COD Mobile (Call of Duty: Mobile) dubbed Fool's Gold, offers an exhilarating treasure trove of rewards that players can uncover as they progress through the game.

This season not only enriches the gameplay experience but also introduces new characters, weapon blueprints, and other exciting features across fifty tiers of rewards.

COD Mobile Season 4 Fool's Gold Battle Pass: All You Need to Know

Early Rewards and Character Skins

Right from the outset, players who purchase the Battle Pass are treated to the Strongarm character adorned in the Floral Fatality uniform at Tier 1. This inclusion sets a vibrant tone for the season. Although the character skin received mixed feelings from the community, it represents just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s to come.

At the same tier, players also unlock the Arctic .50 sniper rifle blueprint named Jungle Maw. Critiqued for its lack of modifications and simplistic design, it contrasts sharply with the more vibrant and detailed offerings found later in the Battle Pass. Despite its simplicity, it remains a functional addition to a player’s arsenal.

Arctic .50 sniper

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Mid-Tier Highlights

As players delve deeper into the tiers, the rewards continue to grow in appeal. At Tier 6, the Legendary calling card 'Clandestine' is introduced, featuring Zoe in her Jungle Diva attire, which is a definite standout. The new avatar for David Mason in his Ruin Ranger outfit appears at Tier 14, adding to the game's narrative depth.

The new weapon skins introduced, such as the CX9 Glorious Bloomage at Tier 10 and the LK24 Envenomed at Tier 19, showcase intricate designs that have been generally well-received for their aesthetics, though opinions on their practicality in gameplay vary among players.


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Advanced Tiers

One of the more significant mid-tier rewards is the introduction of the RCXD scorestreak at Tier 14, allowing players to control a remote car packed with explosives — a delightful addition for tactical gameplay enthusiasts.

Tier 21 marks the introduction of the MG42, a functional weapon that promises to shift combat dynamics with its high firepower. This is paired with exciting gameplay possibilities that continue to add depth to the strategic playstyles in CODM.

LK24 Envenomed and FR .556 Unburied Treasure in CODM Season 4

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Tier 50 of the Battle Pass

The culmination of the Battle Pass at Tier 50 brings high anticipation with the epic Rubblemaker skin for the MG42, aligning perfectly with the season's jungle theme. However, it is also accompanied by mixed reviews regarding the overall effort put into the blueprints of this season’s Battle Pass.

Rubblemaker skin for the MG42

MG42 Rubblemaker

Simultaneously, the inclusion of another Sims character skin at Tier 50, described as a 'Gunner', has not gone unnoticed. It’s seen as a gap filler rather than a substantial addition, prompting discussions about the diversity and impact of character skins in enhancing the gaming experience.

While Season 4's Fool's Gold Battle Pass brings a variety of new and exciting elements to COD Mobile, it has received a mixed reception from the community.

The aesthetic and functional aspects of the new additions have been praised, but some players feel the overall effort could have been more consistent. Despite this, the adventure-themed rewards ensure that there is something for everyone, keeping the hunt for treasure in CODM as thrilling as ever.

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