Top 5 Snipers You Must Try in COD Mobile Season 4


Top 5 Snipers You Must Try in COD Mobile Season 4

Ahsan Kabir
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HDR excels in stability with one-shot kills from close to mid-range, featuring the slowest ADS time among top snipers.
Locus is ideal for aggressive play with a quick ADS time of 345 milliseconds and high mobility for rapid engagements.
Tundra leads as the most aggressive sniper, combining a fast fire interval with the lowest flinch rate in the game.

In the dynamic and competitive world of COD Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile), mastering the art of sniping can significantly enhance your gameplay. Snipers play a crucial role in long-range engagements where precision and timing are paramount.

In this detailed analysis, we explore the top five sniper rifles of COD Mobile Season 4, focusing on their specific attributes, performance in various scenarios, and optimal customization.

COD Mobile Season 4: Top 5 Sniper Rifles

1. HDR Sniper Rifle

Starting with the fifth spot, the HDR stands out as a robust choice for players who prioritize stability and precision over speed.

This sniper rifle is characterized by its ability to deliver one-shot kills from head to toe within close to mid-range distances. However, it has the slowest aim-down-sights (ADS) time among its peers, clocking in at 408 milliseconds.

Despite this drawback, it compensates with a generous six-second breath hold time, making it ideal for hard scoping. The HDR maintains one-shot kill potential up to 45 meters and offers low flinch, enhancing its effectiveness in passive play.

For those who miss their initial shot, pairing the HDR with the Amped perk and a knife is recommended to mitigate its lengthy fire interval during aggressive maneuvers.

HDR in COD Mobile

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2. Locus Sniper Rifle

The Locus claims the fourth spot, known for its quick ADS time of 345 milliseconds and a decent fire rate of 60 RPM.

This sniper is equipped with eight rounds per magazine, which is ample for any game mode. Its one-second fire interval allows for rapid re-engagement, which, combined with its high mobility, makes it suitable for aggressive sniping strategies.

However, the Locus has a notable downside: it possesses one of the highest flinch rates in the game (4.8), and its breath-hold time is limited to just two seconds. This makes it less reliable for consistent long-range accuracy, especially through wall penetration, although it still maintains effective one-shot kills behind obstacles.

Locus loadout in COD Mobile

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3. Koshka Sniper Rifle

The Koshka is recognized for a unique feature within this list: the ability to 'black scope' or shoot accurately very early in the ADS animation, about 230 milliseconds in.

This capability largely offsets its not-so-impressive ADS time. The Koshka is well-suited for players who can handle a slightly slower fire rate of about 1.2 seconds between shots. The hitbox is generous, similar to the DLQ, with effective one-shot areas including the head, chest, arms, and stomach, even through walls.

However, disadvantages include a limited six-round magazine and the necessity of using a visible laser for optimal black scoping, which may compromise stealth in scenarios like Search and Destroy (SND).

Koshka Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile

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4. DLQ33 Sniper Rifle

Securing second place, the DLQ33 is versatile and beginner-friendly, with a good balance of ADS time (369 milliseconds), fire rate, and powerful one-shot capabilities.

It excels in wall penetration, being the only sniper capable of one-shot kills through multiple walls. This feature, combined with its eight-round magazine and the option to use a suppressor, makes it highly effective in various play modes such as SND (Search and Destroy) and Hardpoint.

However, it shares a relatively high flinch rate of 4.2 with the Locus, which may affect its handling under fire.

DLQ - Dark Void in COD Mobile Season 2

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5. Tundra Sniper Rifle

The Tundra tops this list as the most aggressive sniper rifle in COD Mobile. It offers a rapid fire interval of 924 milliseconds and the lowest flinch rate among the featured snipers at 1.43.

Noteworthy is its six-second breath hold time, although upcoming changes in Season 4 might reduce this to 2.5 seconds. The Tundra's seven-round magazine and less effective wall-banging capability without the Tiger Team Barrel are minor drawbacks compared to its overall performance.

Choosing the right sniper rifle in COD Mobile depends on a blend of personal preference and gameplay style. While some rifles, like the HDR, are suited for players who prefer a methodical approach, others like the Tundra cater to those who engage in aggressive tactics.

It is advisable to experiment with each of these top-tier rifles to determine which best suits your needs. Even the best sniper can underperform if not aligned with your personal style and the dynamics of the game mode.

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