COD Mobile Season 4 Lucky Draws: Check All Mythic And Legendary Skins


COD Mobile Season 4 Lucky Draws: Check All Mythic and Legendary Skins

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COD Mobile Season 4 introduces unique Lucky Draws, featuring legendary and mythic weapons like the MG42 with a Hans Zimmer score.
CBR4 – Gator Gulp: This Legendary skin features a vibrant, alligator-inspired design that enhances visual appeal and battlefield intimidation.
SKS – Watcher: Merging ancient aesthetics with modern warfare, this skin turns the SKS into a piece of legendary artwork, enhancing the player's connection to the weapon.

COD Mobile Season 4 (Call of Duty: Mobile), Fool's Gold, is set to introduce a thrilling array of new content, including a selection of highly anticipated Mythic and Legendary Weapons.

Activision has announced that throughout April and May, players can participate in five unique Lucky Draws, each offering exclusive weapon blueprints and Epic Operators as major attractions.

COD Mobile Season 4 All Lucky Draws: List of Legendary and Mythic Draws

All Lucky Draws that are part of COD Mobile Season 4 feature diverse offerings.

  • The 'Gator Traitor Draw' includes the Legendary 'CBR4 – Gator Gulp' blueprint and the Epic 'Bulldozer – Crocodilian' Operator.

  • The 'Ancient Guardian Draw' brings the Legendary 'SKS – Watcher' blueprint paired with the Epic 'Synaptic – Ancient Guardian' operator.

Season 4 Draws in CODM

Season 4 Draws

  • The 'Mystic Dunes' draw offers the Legendary 'HBRa3 – Lucid Sands' blueprint and the 'Klepto – Ageless Sands' operator.

  • In the 'Diamond Traitor' draw, participants can win the Legendary 'Type 25 – Laser’s Edge' blueprint and the Epic 'Dusk – Last Light' operator.

Season 4 Draws in CODM

Season 4 Draws

  • Wrapping up the series is the 'Eternal Honor Mythic Drop' which features the Mythic 'MG42 – The Campaign' blueprint. This particular blueprint includes a unique composition by Hans Zimmer, enhancing the auditory experience upon selection.

Eternal Honor Mythic Drop in CODM Season 4

Eternal Honor Mythic Drop

What's More in COD Mobile Season 4 Fool’s Gold

In addition to the exciting Lucky Draws, COD Mobile Season 4, offers a plethora of additional features and gameplay enhancements.

One of the major highlights is the introduction of new multiplayer modes, including the highly anticipated 'Dropkick' which tests player's strategic thinking and teamwork.

This season also sees the enhancement of in-game environments, with richer, more detailed jungle-themed maps that provide new tactical challenges and opportunities for ambushes and stealth.

Furthermore, COD Mobile Season 4 introduces a range of new skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items, allowing players to customize their characters and weapons with even more style.

Players can also look forward to updated daily and weekly challenges that offer generous rewards, keeping the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

With these updates, Season 4 aims to keep the community engaged and excited, delivering continuous improvements and content that fans have come to expect from the franchise.

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