COD: Mobile (2024) Season 2 Battle Pass Characters & Weapon Blueprints Leaked


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COD: Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Characters & Weapon Blueprints Leaked

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Dragon Warrior" Isabella operator has mask and costume that makes it stand out.
"Imperial Refinement" Type 19 blueprint matches season theme with decorated gold patterns.

Details about the upcoming Season 2 Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Mobile have been leaked. The new battle pass is expected to launch in the first half of February and will feature several new character skins and weapon blueprints with various rarity levels. All the skins this season are themed around the Chinese lunar new year which also includes both legendary and battle pass character skins.

Character Skins in COD: Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass

The best new character skin in the battle pass appears to be an epic "David Mason" operator called "Claws of Iron." The skin features David Mason equipped with iron claw gloves and other gear. Though the equipment design is not very remarkable, the David Mason character model itself looks well-made.

David Mason - Claws of Iron in CODM

David Mason - Claws of Iron

Another new epic character is Tang in the "Explosive Impact" uniform. The skin features a militaristic design fitting to the Season 2 theme. Some fans may have hoped for even more impressive skins, but overall it captures the style developers were likely aiming for.

Tang - Explosive Impact in CODM

Tang - Explosive Impact

There will also be an Isabella operator skin called "Dragon Warrior" in a style inspired by Vanguard. The mask and costume details help this skin stand out. As the first Isabella skin for COD: Mobile, it will likely prove popular among fans.

Isabella - Dragon Warrior in CODM

Isabella - Dragon Warrior

Rounding out the character skins is an epic "Battery" variant dubbed "Imperial Battle Dress." This design is actually a reskin of the Queen's Guard uniform. With only two truly new character models, some fans may be disappointed in the selection.

Battery - Imperial Battle Dress in CODM

Battery - Imperial Battle Dress

Gun Skins in COD: Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass

For weapon blueprints, a standout seems to be the "Type 19" blueprint named "Imperial Refinement." The blueprint aesthetics match the Season 2 theme well, with finely decorated gold patterns along the metal. It also apparently comes with an altered iron sight for fresh gameplay.

The other weapon skins are more typical, including an OTS-9 blueprint with a glossy pink camo, a red Man-O-War with faux wood textures, a plain pistol blueprint, and an LMG covered in flat military colors. None appear to feature major model changes.

Overall fans seem divided on whether the Season 2 Battle Pass offers enough incentive to purchase. With only a couple distinct character models and no hugely unique weapon blueprints, some may choose to skip this season's offerings. Yet for David Mason fans or those wanting to show off the new season aesthetics, there are some standout skins that help justify the price.

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