Coach BON CHAN Explains How Nexplay EVOS Countered the UBE Strategy



Coach BON CHAN Explains How Nexplay EVOS Countered Blacklist's UBE Strategy

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International coach BON CHAN explained how Nexplay EVOS was able to counter the UBE Strategy.
Coach BON CHAN called Nexplay Esports' strategy as the MDAS or Maximum Damage Assassination due to its team composition focusing on high burst damage.
Coach BON CHAN also explained how Blacklist International was able to counter Nexplay EVOS' strategy.

One of the most surprising moments in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 Week 1 was the match between Blacklist International and Nexplay EVOS. While the Code Breakers were able to win the series, the White Tigers were able to crack their opponent’s UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience) Strategy, a feat that only a few have accomplished. Blacklist International’s head coach Kristoffer Ed "BON CHAN" Ricaplaza dissected Nexplay EVOS’s strategy, and how it was able to counter the most iconic tactic. The coach also mentioned how the Code Breakers could potentially counter this newfound strategy which is capable of easily hindering the UBE Strategy’s effectiveness.

Coach BON CHAN dissects the Anti-UBE strategy by Nexplay EVOS

Through a motovlog titled “The NXPE Meta S10 Debut!!,” coach BON CHAN explained how Nexplay EVOS was able to counter Blacklist International with its damage-focused team composition. The head coach named it MDAS which meant Maximum Damage Assassination.

BON CHAN explained that the strategy had “too much damage that we [Blacklist International] could no longer sustain it.”

The coach added that the reason he called it MDAS was due to its potential to deal high amounts of damage at the cost of less utility. Nexplay EVOS’ team composition revolved around James "Jeymz" Gloria’s Dyrroth who can reduce an opponent's physical defense with his second skill “Specter Step.” To maximize this, the White Tigers drafted Natalia and Hayabusa with a High and Dry emblem talent which increases damage to an enemy hero who is far away from its allies.

The massive burst potential of this combo was more than enough to nullify any sustainability that Blacklist International had, despite having Estes who is one of the strongest healers for team fights.

“When you get hit by Dyrroth’s second skill and followed up by Natalia, no matter how tanky your balls are, it will get melted,” joked coach BON CHAN.

The coach lauded Nexplay EVOS for figuring out how to counter the UBE strategy. However, he emphasized that “of course, you can't do the same thing to us again.”

The final deciding match saw Blacklist International banning Dyrroth while Wise picked up Natalia, preventing the White Tigers from using the same tactic twice in the series.

Coach BON CHAN dissects the Anti-UBE strategy by Nexplay EVOS

BON CHAN stated that it was a huge risk when Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario had to pick Natalia to prevent Nexplay EVOS from locking it in. According to the coach, “Based on the patch notes, Moonton wants to make Nataila a jungler.”

While the team did practice this playstyle, BON CHAN admitted that “we can’t determine when [Natalia] would be viable, which team, or against a hero.”

The coach thought that the deciding match between Nexplay EVOS and Blacklist International was the perfect opportunity to try Natalia’s potential so as to also prevent the White Tigers from pulling off the same trick from the second game.

“With how aggressive NXPE [Nexplay EVOS] was, we needed to double our aggressiveness towards them. So, temporarily we needed to abandon our old playstyle if we wanted to keep up with them,” BON CHAN explained.

Blacklist International is set to go up against Bren Esports on 20th August at 8:00 PM (PHT). With teams finally cracking the code behind the UBE Strategy, it shall be interesting to see how Blacklist International adjusts moving forward.

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