Brazilian Esports Organization B4 Esports Reveals Wild Rift Roster


Brazilian Esports Organization B4 Esports Reveals Wild Rift Team Roster

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Brazilian esports organization B4 Esports has announced a new Wild Rift roster featuring former Calça Angelical members
Júlio "9Norvas" Pereira (Baron Lane), Rayan "Letter" Silva (Jungle Lane), Carlos "CarliTo" Sagrette (Support), Bruno "BENRAS" Bezerra (Mid Lane), ySacer (ADC) are the players in the new lineup.
The team will be participating in the Wild Tour 2022 Season 1.

Prominent Brazilian esports organization B4 Esports, has officially announced its entry into the League of Legends: Wild Rift Esports scene. The organization is known for its teams from other esports titles such as PUBG Mobile, VALORANT, and Free Fire. The team will be participating in the upcoming Wild Tour 2022 Season 1, the official Wild Rift esports circuit for Brazil. The tournament will see the top performing Wild Rift teams in Brazil competing for the lion’s share of the 1,400,000 BRL ($250,000 USD) and the honor of representing their region in the upcoming Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022.

B4 Esports enters the Wild Rift esports scene with former Calça Angelical members

The Wild Rift team, Calça Angelical managed to secure first place in the Wild Tour 2022 Season 1 - Open Qualifier #1. Shortly thereafter, its members were acquired by B4 Esports. This acquisition was announced on the official social media handles of B4 Esports on 25th Jan.

The team roster is composed of the following pro players;

  • Júlio "9Norvas" Pereira - Baron Lane

  • Rayan "Letter" Silva - Jungle Lane

  • Carlos "CarliTo" Sagrette - Support

  • Bruno "BENRAS" Bezerra - Mid Lane

  • ySacer - Attack Damage (AD) Carry

  • Thiago "Djoko" Souza - Head Coach

  • Void - Assisstant Coach

9Norvas, Letter, and the head coach Djoko were a part of Só Agradece Esports. During their time with the team, they put forth their expertise on display and were acknowledged for their gameplay. The team was one of the dominant teams in the Wild Rift esports scene in Brazil, with championship titles from various local events such as Copa Toboco, Elite Wild Rift Challenge 2, Torneio Game ON, and the Wild Tour 2021. The team was close to representing Brazil in the Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021 but was eventually defeated by TSM in the grand finals.

CarliTo is a former member of TSM’s Wild Rift team. However, he was released from the team shortly after the conclusion of the Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021.

Not much is known about BENRAS in the Wild Rift esports scene but the pro player has been a follower of the League of Legends PC esports scene.

B4 Esports is still fresh within the Wild Rift Esports scene. With a team roster that comprises of former veteran pro players with a proven track record of being masters of their own craft, the team aims to win the championship title in the upcoming Wild Tour 2022 Season 1.

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