Bonus Challenge Returns To BGMI After a Maintenance Break

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Krafton recently scheduled a maintenance break for its currently suspended title, BGMI.
Post this maintenance break, players discovered that the Bonus Challenge menu has reappeared in the game.
The addition of the Bonus Challenge amid the game’s unavailability is something fans can rejoice about.

In a surprising turn of events, Krafton scheduled a maintenance break for its currently suspended title, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). The break lasted for around half an hour and did not bring any significant changes to the game, except the reintroduction of the in-game Bonus Challenge. Although maintenance breaks in games are quite common, BGMI's maintenance break was taken amid its suspension. As a result, it created a stir in the community, and players are treating it as a piece of good news about the game's return.

Krafton brings back the Bonus Challenge to BGMI

The Bonus Challenge was a unique event in PUBG Mobile (the predecessor of BGMI), where players can participate in matches and win rewards. All players used to get weekly rewards, which generally included a few Bonus Challenge Vouchers, Silver Fragments, and Battle Points (BP) based on their in-game ranks. Players could then use these Bonus Challenge Vouchers to participate in various matches, which included Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Classic match, or complete challenges. 

Based on the match or challenge players select, they used to receive Battle Coins in their Mailboxes after completing the match or challenge. These Battle Coins could be later redeemed for Unknown Cash (UC), Weapon Skin, Parachute Skin, and Bonus Challenge Vouchers. The Bonus Challenge was the only event in PUBG Mobile that allowed the players to get free UC. Although the Bonus Challenge was a great feature for players, it did not make it to the Indian variant of the game until now.

In the morning of 5th December, fans received an in-game notification stating that Krafton would perform maintenance for the game’s servers between 12:00 and 12:30 IST. Following is the screenshot of the notification fans received:

BGMI Maintenance Break Notification

Following this notification, the game showed a little instability after opening it, as mentioned in the notification. At first, players couldn’t find any changes in the game. However, players soon spotted that Krafton had added the Bonus Challenge in the game’s ‘Matches’ section. As of writing this article, the Bonus Challenge section is still locked and says ‘unavailable.’ However, the addition of the event amid the game’s unavailability is something fans can rejoice about.

Bonus Challenge Returns To BGMI

After BGMI’s suspension, the game’s return seemed dicey for a long time. A few content creators, including popular content creator Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, lost all hope and decided to quit the game. On the other hand, a lot of creators and influential figures from the industry were optimistic about the game’s return. They were also proactively updating their audience about the game’s potential return. 

In the first two months of BGMI’s ban, Krafton did not announce anything or make any changes to the game. However, in the last couple of months, Krafton has made a few game changes. It recently added a few new tutorials in-game and the support section of the game’s website. Krafton’s latest press release stated that it is trying to continue BGMI services in India. Furthermore, in a recent international audit, the South Korean Ambassador to India said that Krafton is trying to resolve BGMI’s suspension in the country.

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