Blacklist International CEO Addresses Rumors of Renejay Joining the Team


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Blacklist International CEO Addresses Rumors of Renejay Joining the Team

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International CEO Tryke shared his thoughts on the rumors of RENEJAY joining the team.
Tryke explained that the decision is not up to him, but instead it is up to the scouting team.
Blacklist International is yet to confirm the acquisition of RENEJAY.

Blacklist International’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Tryke Gutierrez shared his thoughts about the rumors regarding Nexplay EVOS’ roamer Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcarse joining the team. The rumors started circulating during the grand finals day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. During the tournament, Blacklist International's official Facebook handle posted a photo of Tryke and RENEJAY seated next to one another. Fans speculated that the Codebreakers may be interested in acquiring Nexplay EVOS' veteran roamer. During a post-match press conference, Tryke clarified that the post is not a confirmation of the acquisition as the decision is made by the esports organization, not him.

Is RENEJAY Joining Blacklist International? Boss Tryke explains

The grand finale of the MPL PH Season 10 was filled with a lot of surprises. One of the few surprises that fans saw was when Blacklist International made a post that led fans to believe RENEJAY may be joining the team soon.

After the Codebreakers won the MPL PH Season 10 trophy, Tryke shared his thoughts about the rumors regarding the acquisition of RENAJAY for the team.

“The offseason is something that we’re always excited about. Do you remember when we made one of the greatest trades in MLBB history? So everything is open but it’s clearly not my decision. It’s the scouting team and all that so nothing is impossible. That’s all I can say,” explained the CEO.

In his statement Tryke was referring to the acquisition of the V33Wise duo - Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" Rosario which was playing under ONIC. This acquisition paid dividends for the team as it went on to win three MPL PH titles, a Southeast Asia (SEA) Games Gold Medal, and a World Championship title.

Nexplay EVOS, the home of underutilized prodigies

Nexplay EVOS has proven time and again to develop a plethora of promising prodigies, even when it was still known as Nexplay Esports. However, when competing in local and international events, the squad tends to underperform.

Its former coach John "Zico" Dizon went on to coach the Cambodian team Burn x Flash while  Jhonwin "Hesa" Vergara, who first debuted under Nexplay EVOS, joined the team as well. The two talents led the squad to win the MPL KH Autumn Split 2022 and will now be heading to the M4 World Championship.

Other former members were Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera and Sanford "SanFord" Vinuya. The two players are now playing under ECHO, the runner-up team of the MPL PH Season 10, which is on its way to competing in the M4 World Championship.

If Blacklist International plans to acquire RENEJAY, it will be interesting to see how the star roamer will perform under a high-caliber team.

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