BGMI: These Are Your Odds of Getting the Latest Dragon Ball Buddies from the Store



BGMI: These Are Your Odds of Getting the Latest Dragon Ball Buddies from the Store

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Can you beat the odds and claim Karin and Emperor Pilaf for your battles?

The BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is abuzz with excitement with the latest collaboration with the beloved Dragon Ball Super series. Players can now get their hands on Buddy Skins featuring Karin and Emperor Pilaf, two iconic characters from the Dragon Ball universe. These new additions are obtainable through the "Hola Buddy Crate" in the store section. However, before you dive into the world of anime-powered buddies, it's important to understand the odds of securing these legendary items.

Who are Karin and Pilaf?

Karin and Emperor Pilaf, two prominent characters from the Dragon Ball series, have made their grand entrance into BGMI's Buddy Skins lineup, igniting the enthusiasm of fans. Karin, also known as Korin, is a wise and ancient cat deity who resides atop Korin Tower. Possessing unparalleled wisdom and agility, Karin is the guardian of the Senzu Beans, miraculous beans that provide instant healing and restoration. His guidance and mystical presence have been pivotal in aiding Goku and his friends throughout their adventures.

Karin in BGMI

Karin Buddy in BGMI

On the other hand, Emperor Pilaf represents the mischievous side of the Dragon Ball world. A diminutive blue imp, Pilaf is known for his comical villainy and relentless pursuit of world domination. Alongside his quirky henchmen, Mai and Shu, Pilaf has hatched numerous schemes to seize power, often to hilarious outcomes. While not the most fearsome antagonist, his memorable antics and unyielding determination have left an indelible mark on the series.

Pilaf in BGMI

Pilaf Buddy in BGMI

So, these companions are no ordinary additions, making them highly sought after by players eager to flaunt their anime allegiance. But what exactly are the odds of finding these legendary items in the "Hola Buddy Crate"?

Understanding the Odds of getting Karin and Pilaf Buddy Skins

The store's "Hola Buddy Crate" promises a mix of items, each categorized by rarity. Among the legendary items, which include the likes of the Kamesennin's Shell Backpack, Karin and Emperor Pilaf's Buddy Skins hold a 4.36% chance of being yours.

The Rarity Distribution

As with any luck-based system, the odds aren't uniform across all items. The breakdown of probabilities is as follows:

  • Legendary Item: 4.36%

  • Epic Item: 0.5%

  • Rare Item: 83.14%

  • Uncommon Item: 12%

It's clear that the rare and uncommon items dominate the odds chart, potentially leading to multiple draws before securing the prized Buddy Skins.

The Price of Chance

To partake in the hunt for these exclusive Dragon Ball Super Buddy Skins, players must be prepared to invest a fortune in the "Hola Buddy Crate" draws. Each individual draw costs 60UC, while a bundle of 10 draws can be purchased at a discounted price of 540 UC. However, it's crucial to note that the rewards remain uncertain, as the system relies on luck rather than guaranteeing specific items.

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