Is BGMI A1 Royale Pass Worth Buying?

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A1 Royale Pass


BGMI A1 Royale pass returns with the old format of levels ranging from level 1-100.
The rewards in the Royale Pass have some new additions including the new Modification Material Piece.

Since its launch Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has released some amazing Royale Passes for the fans. Krafton has made sure to make every Royale Pass unique and interesting with some fantastic rewards.

The recently concluded Month 22 Royale Pass impressed fans and they were wondering if the new Royale Pass could live up to their expectations. There are several changes made in the newly introduced Royale Pass. The A1 Royale Pass will now last for seven weeks or two months. It also has introduced its old format of levels that range from 1-100.

Is the A1 Royale Pass worth buying 

As mentioned the new Royale Pass has 100 levels and each level offers different rewards. The basic rewards for A1 Royale Pass are interesting considering the last couple of Royale Pass rewards. 

The A1 Royale Pass in BGMI comes with the following rewards:

  • RP Rank 1: Neon Slayer Set and Precision Artistry DP-28 skin

  • RP Rank 2: 1 Modification Material Piece

  • RP Rank 5: Neon Slay Cover

  • RP Rank 15: Serpentine Gaze Plane Finish

  • RP Rank 20: Steel Morpher Helmet

  • RP Rank 30: Pearlescent Upgrade Card (from the free RP rewards), Violet Eclipse Thompson SMG skin, and Tangerine Drake mythic emote

  • RP Rank 35: 1 Modification Material Piece

  • RP Rank 40: Tangerine Drake Set (1 out of 2 mythic sets in the A1 RP)

  • RP Rank 45: 1 Pearlescent Upgrade Card (from the free RP rewards)

  • RP Rank 50: Ember Prowler Cover (from the free RP rewards) and Drakonbane Remnant upgradeable Machete skin (Level 1)

  • RP Rank 51: 1 Modification Material Piece

  • RP Rank 55: Joyful Debut emote and Brass Bovine MG3 skin

  • RP Rank 60: Pixel Kitty Backpack

  • RP Rank 65: A1 RP Avatar and Cutie Tanky Ornament

  • RP Rank 68: 1 Modification Material Piece

  • RP Rank70: Ember Prowler Set (from the free RP rewards) and Violet Eclipse Sidecar Motorcycle

  • RP Rank 75: 1 Pearlescent Upgrade Card (from the free RP rewards)

  • RP Rank 80: Fun Astronaut SLR skin (from the free RP rewards), Secret Runes Stun Grenade skin, and Specter Slayer mythic emote

  • RP Rank 85: 1 Modification Material Piece

  • RP Rank 90: Swiftshooter M14A4 skin

  • RP Rank 95: 1 Pearlescent Upgrade Card (from the free RP rewards)

  • RP Rank 100: Specter Slayer Set (new mythic upgradeable outfit)

Modification Material Piece&nbsp;
Steel Morpher helmet Skin&nbsp;
DarkonBane Remnant - Machete

The most interesting addition to the A1 Royale Pass is the Modification Material Piece. Players will get one Modification Material Piece each at certain levels. Levels 2, 35, 51, are some of the levels where Modification Material can be obtained. These materials can be used to upgrade gun skins. Considering how expensive it is to obtain materials to upgrade skins, this is one of the best additions in the new Royale Pass. 

Players can purchase the A1 Royale Pass in two forms. For the monthly version of the Royale Pass the price is 360 UC, while purchasing the whole Royale Pass at once will cost 720 UC. There are two more variants of the Royale Pass also known as Elite Pass. The monthly version for the Elite pass can be purchased for 960 UC and purchasing the Elite Pass together for month one and two will cost 1920 UC.

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