BGMI: Tips and Tricks to Secure 100 IQ Kills With the Kamehameha

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BGMI: Tips and Tricks to Secure 100 IQ Kills with the Kamehameha</p></div>
BGMI: Tips and Tricks to Secure 100 IQ Kills with the Kamehameha



Master the art of Kamehameha in BGMI's Dragon Ball crossover.
Penetrate cover, use elevation, and strategize for epic kills.

The latest BGMI 2.7 update from Krafton brought about an exciting Dragon Ball crossover, introducing a Dragon Ball-themed mode with thrilling new gameplay elements, such as super dash, flying, and the iconic Kamehameha move. Mastering the use of the Kamehameha can be a game-changer in securing those high IQ kills. In this guide, we will delve into clever strategies for harnessing the destructive power of the Kamehameha effectively.

Tips and Tricks to Secure Kills With Kamehameha

Aim for Spatial Damage

The Kamehameha isn't just a straightforward frontal attack; it deals area damage. This unique characteristic allows you to hit not only enemies directly in your line of sight but also those lurking within the radius of the blast. However, the true brilliance lies in its ability to penetrate obstacles. The blast can reach enemies on the other side of walls or barriers. This surprise factor can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their cover.

Wall Penetration Strategy

When opponents are holding narrow choke points like stairs or doors, take advantage of the Kamehameha's wall penetration ability. Predict where campers might be positioned and unleash your Kamehameha beam precisely there. Maintain fire to eliminate them swiftly, using the sustained blast to knock them down and secure a decisive finish.

Apartment Ambush

In multi-level buildings, especially apartment complexes, enemies might be camping on floors above or below you. Utilize the footsteps marker to anticipate their location. With this information, precisely fire your Kamehameha to the anticipated spot, catching them unaware and gaining the upper hand in the engagement.

Wall Penetration with Kamehameha

Wall Penetration with Kamehameha in BGMI

Bokujutusu for Elevated Advantage

The introduction of the Bokujutusu, or flying ability, has added a new layer of strategy to the game. Combine this feature with the Kamehameha for a dynamic approach to eliminate enemies hiding behind cover.

Tactical Elevation

Employ the Bokujutusu to gain an elevated position above your adversaries. This vantage point provides an excellent angle to spot enemies seeking cover behind obstacles. With the high ground advantage, you can fire the Kamehameha from an unexpected angle, catching them off guard and securing a well-earned kill.

Using Bokujutusu for damage from above

Using Bokujutusu for damage from above in BGMI

Bait and Blast

Use the flying ability to create a diversion. Draw enemy attention by exposing yourself momentarily, enticing them to focus their fire on your position. Once you have their attention, quickly ascend and unleash the Kamehameha. As they concentrate their fire on your previous location, they will be caught off guard by the surprise attack from above.

Timing and Team Play

While the Kamehameha is a powerful tool, timing and teamwork can elevate its effectiveness to the next level.

Distraction Collaboration

Coordinate with your teammates to synchronize attacks. While one team member engages the enemy, use the distraction to your advantage. Time your Kamehameha perfectly to hit enemies while they are preoccupied with your teammate's assault, increasing the likelihood of a successful kill.

Zone Control

Use the Kamehameha strategically to control zones. By targeting specific areas where enemies might converge or attempt to take cover, you can manipulate their movements and force them into more predictable positions. This makes them susceptible to your attacks and increases your chances of securing those IQ kills.

Mastering the Kamehameha in BGMI's Dragon Ball-themed mode requires a blend of creativity, prediction, and precise execution. With these strategies in your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to unleash devastating Kamehameha attacks and secure those impressive 100 IQ kills that will leave your opponents in awe. In the meantime, you can also check out more of our BGMI Guides from here.

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