BGMI Royale Pass and Season Schedule Announced

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The Royale Passes for the next two months have been announced.
The prices, duration and maximum rank for the passes has been adjusted.
The new BGMI ranking system will now happen in 'Cycles' which last for three seasons.

The July update for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) went live yesterday. The update brought with it new weapons changes to the ranking system, a new game mode, and performance improvement settings. Today the Royale Pass and Season schedules have been announced. The Royale Pass time duration is now adjusted to one month. This version (BGMI update 1.5) will include two RPs. The maximum rank and prices for the Ordinary and Elite Royale Passes have also been adjusted. Starting today, there is also a new ranking season and a newly introduced Cycle system. Here are all the major changes to BGMI Royale Pass and Season.

BGMI Royale Pass M1 (Tek Era) and M2 (Project T)

BGMI has revealed details about the Royale Passes for the next two months. The Tek Era Royale Pass for July will last from July 14, 2021, till August 12, 2021. It features many rewards, even for the free pass, including an outfit and an emote. The duration of the passes has been adjusted to one month. BGMI version 1.5 will feature another Royale Pass for the month of August. Royale Pass Project T will last from August 13, 2021, till September 19, 2021. This indicates that the next patch of BGMI will go live sometime in September.

The Free version of the Tek Era Royale Pass includes the Groovy Teen outfit. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India

The pricing of the Royale Passes has also been adjusted. The Ordinary RP will cost 360 UC while the Elite RP will be available for 960 UC. Players who get the new RP for the first time can collect vouchers ranging from 60 UC to 360 UC. They will also get a similar voucher for next month’s Project T Royale Pass for free after reaching rank 30 in the current Tek Era Royale Pass. BGMI has also added an RP Month tab.

The maximum rank for the Royale Pass has been changed to 50 and players can collect free rewards whenever they gain RP ranks. The RP challenge durations have also been shortened from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. The game time requirements for the pass have also been shortened. Players will also receive bonus RP points at the end of the season. The prices of EZ Mission License have also been adjusted.

New BGMI Ranking Season C1S1

The ranking system in BGMI now includes a Cycle system with each cycle lasting for three seasons. Cycle 1 Season 1 began today and will last till September 16, 2021.

BGMI has introduced a new cycle system for ranked matches. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Players will receive exclusive rewards for collecting badges of the same level in every season within that cycle.

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