Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) July 2021 Update - Complete Patch Notes Preview

Krafton is about to roll out the 1.5 update for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Krafton has come forward to give a patch note preview of the upcoming July 2021 Battlegrounds Mobile India Update.
The July 2021 Update consists of a limited-time game mode called Mission Ignition Mode, a new weapon called MG3, changes to the ranking system, and many other performance improvement settings.
There are a ton of additional settings which will help players personalize BGMI like never before and even help them run the game a lot better on their devices.

A new July 2021 Update for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is on the horizon, releasing sometime later this month. Krafton has came forward to give a patch notes preview of what players can expect from this update, which is about to release within just one month of the game's official launch that went live on 2nd July 2021. The news about the update has excited the players and the changes will mostly be taking place before the teased BGMI esports tournament. The July 2021 Update for BGMI will be available either through the Google Play Store or as an OTA (Over The Air) update directly within the game.

The BGMI patch note preview talks about new weapons being introduced, changes to the ranking system, the arrival of a new game mode, several game related features, and performance improvement settings.

Battlegrounds Mobile India July 2021 Update - Detailed Patch Notes Preview

Some of the highlight patch note features showcased by Krafton which will be introduced to BGMI along with the upcoming July 2021 Update are as follows,

  • Ranking Season Update

    The ranking system for BGMI will undergo a slight change as two rank categories 'Ace Master' and 'Ace Dominator' are introduced sandwiched between the already available Ace and Conqueror ranks.

BGMI July 2021 Update - Ranking System Update
  • Customizable Individual Weapon Sensitivity

    This will allow players to set individual sensitivity for different weapons. They can save these settings online and also share them with their friends.

BGMI July 2021 Update - Cuztomizable Sensitivity
  • Advanced Pickup Settings For Each Weapon

    This will allow players to preset their weapon attachment configuration. So while playing, the character will only pickup and equip those pre-decided attachments for a particular weapon.

BGMI July 2021 Update - Preset Weapon Attachment Setting
  • New Gameplay Settings

    A new graphics option has been added for low specification devices, even lower than the currently available 'Smooth' option. Also, a 90 FPS option has been introduced for selected new devices.

BGMI July 2021 Update - 90 FPS Option
  • New Limited-Time Game Mode: Mission Ignition Mode

    A new limited-time game mode called 'Mission Ignition Mode' will also be introduced to BGMI as part of the Erangel map.

    The game mode will comprise of six futuristic locations on the map, Transit Center, Georgopol, Tech Center, Sosnovka Security Center, Logistic Agency, and Energy Center. It will also introduce a plethora of new futuristic gadgets, equipments, vehicles, and more.

    Some of this includes air conveyer launcher, anti-gravity motorcycle, guardian robots, and more.

BGMI July 2021 Update - New Game Mode
  • New Weapon: MG3 Light Machine Gun

    The MG3 Light Machine Gun will provide a great combination of suppressing fire and mobility. With an average damage per hit of about 40, this weapon will provide good cover fire while being considerably lethal.

    This weapon will use 7.62 Ammo and has a magazine capacity of 75 bullets, it can equip up to a maximum of 6x scope. Also, it will feature a variable fire rate of 660 and 990 RPM. It will replace the M249 LMG as a supply crate exclusive weapon.

BGMI July 2021 Update - MG3 Light Machine Gun
  • Royale Pass Season

    The new RP Season is set to commence from 14th July onwards, as the Season 19 Royale Pass Season is scheduled to come to an end on 12th July. Also, the Royale Pass update cycle has now been reduced to just one month than the previously used two month cycle.

    The two types of Royale Passes available in Batlegrounds Mobile India are Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC (BGMI currency) and Elite Plus Royale Pass for 1800 UC.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass - Traverse


  • Victory Statue

    Following a match victory, players now have an option to erect a statue symbolizing their victory. This new feature is called 'Victory Statue'.

BGMI July 2021 Update - Victory Statue

It will be interesting to see what other features Krafton will release for Battlegrounds Mobile India along with the 1.5 Update. The developers are wasting no time as they have already announced the inaugural BGMI tournament called 'The Launch Party', which is scheduled to take place over the course of the coming weekend.

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