BGMI Releasing Soon? S8UL Livestream Fuels Speculation and Anticipation

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BGMI Release: S8UL Goldy Drops Hints on His Latest Live Session</p></div>

BGMI Release: S8UL Goldy Drops Hints on His Latest Live Session


8bit Goldy

Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, along with three other members of S8UL, hosted a livestream on YouTube titled "BGMI Release," where they hinted at the return of the game.
Goldy claimed that BGMI would be released this month, providing hints that it could happen before the next weekend.
While Goldy expressed confidence in the information he received, it is important to wait for an official statement from Krafton before setting high expectations.

Lokesh “Goldy” Jain along with three other members of S8UL hosted a livestream on YouTube titled “BGMI Release.” This engaging livestream attracted numerous followers eager to witness the exciting news unfold. Although Godly refrained from disclosing an exact date, the S8UL owner provided some obvious hints that leave very little room for speculation. He claimed that the game will be released this month and that fans are only a week away from playing BGMI once again.

Godly drops clear hints on BGMI Release Date

“It (BGMI) is coming this month. That’s it,” said Goldy as fans started expressing their excitement for the re-launch. The live session also featured Regaltos, Mercy, and Thug who also echoed similar sentiments.

Although Regaltos replied to Goldy’s claim by stating “I don’t even know”, the former claimed that “He knows. And Mamba knows as well.” Goldy then added, “Now, let me give you a hint. You have to wait till one weekend. Who knows, it might come before the weekend, if not, surely by the end of the week.”

Following this, some viewers in the YouTube chat accused the streamer of using BGMI as a bait for views. However, Goldy claimed that it is not about views, but about celebrating the good news together. “I don’t want you guys to trust any dates and I am not dropping any. But, trust me on this, I know it. I was informed confidentially. It might not be this weekend but surely anytime before the next weekend,” he said.

It should be noted that Krafton has not officially announced a date of expected return for the game. The developers have informed users that multiple changes need to be made to the game before it is ready to comply with all the regulations that the Indian government has laid out. While the game could certainly make a return within the time period that Goldy has alluded to, we would wait for Krafton to make an official statement before setting up too many expectations.

This allegement comes after Goldy talked about setting up a new boot camp for the organization’s BGMI esports roster in a previous stream. PUBG Mobile (before it was banned) and later on BGMI were arguably the two games that garnered S8UL its massive fan-following. S8UL’s esports division in BGMI has also seen a lot of success in the past, claiming multiple titles including the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1.

Hence it is no surprise to see that the organization is eagerly waiting to resume its esports operation on full scale once the game makes a return.

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