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BGIS 2023 Quarterfinals: Qualified Teams, Dates, Format, How to Watch and More

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Underdog teams dominated Round 3 of BGIS 2023 with their aggressive gameplay.
Some experienced teams like Team Godlike, Global Esports and Orangutan were not able to show consistent performances and have been eliminated from the event.

Underdog Teams have dominated the recently concluded Round 3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. Some of the experienced teams like Team Godlike, Global Esports and Orangutan have found it difficult to adapt to the underdog teams’ strategies and have faced elimination.

Teams like Gods Reign, Team Insane and Team Soul were the dominant teams in Round 3. These teams showed a good mix of aggressive and position based gameplay which helped them grab a spot in the Quarterfinals.

BGIS 2023 Round 3 summary

Krafton had some of the teams play their qualification matches online and others had to play their matches offline. Groups 2 and 3 played their matches on Day 1 and 2 while Groups 5 and 9 competed their matches on Day 3 and 4.

Gods Reign dominated Day 1 as well as Day 2 of Round 3. It was able to grab 2 chicken dinners including 63 finish points. 1M Officials, an upcoming team was able to play a position based gameplay and was placed second in the overall points table of Group 2. 

Team Insane was the seasoned squad in Group 9 and it was able to show its dominance with its aggressive gameplay. Hyderabad Hydras was another experienced team in the group and although it did not have a good Day 1 it was able to make a comeback on Day 2 and grab a spot for itself in the Quarterfinals.

Team Soul and Revenant Esports competed from Group 5 and dominated on Day 3 and 4. Revenant Esports showed aggressive gameplay and grabbed 2 chicken dinners and was placed second on the overall Group 5 points table. Team Soul did not get a chicken dinner, but it played a position based game and showed consistent performance, and was also placed on top of the table.   

Team X Spark was placed in Group 9 and it was placed at the top of the table with 3 chicken dinners and 61 finish points. Numen Gaming, another experienced team, showed a consistent performance with a good mix of finishes as well as placement points and was placed 3rd on the overall points table.

Quarterfinals qualified teams

Some of the teams played their matches online and others played their matches offline. These are the qualified teams known to us who played their matches online.

  • Gods Reign

  • 1M Officials

  • Great Esports

  • Trouble Makerz

  • Team Insane

  • Brave Esports

  • ORB Esports 

  • Hyderabad Hydras

  • Team Soul

  • Revenant Esports

  • Bloodrose Esports

  • Burnx Official

  • Team X Spark

  • Team Mayavi

  • Numen Gaming

  • LOC Esports

BGIS 2023 Quarterfinals Dates and Format

The Quarter Finals will start on 21st September and will end on 24th September. The Quarter Finals will have a total of 64 teams and will be divided into 4 Groups of 16 each. The top 16 teams will proceed to the Semi Finals and the remaining 48 teams will play the Losers Bracket with the teams that were ranked between 65th to 80th from Round 3.

BGIS 2023 format

BGIS 2023 Where to Watch

Round 3 of BGIS will begin at 1 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST) and can be watched on the Jio Cinema App and the Krafton India Esports YouTube channel. 

Teams like Revenant Esports, Gods Reign, Team X Spark and Team Soul dominated Round 3 and will be looking to continue their momentum and grab a spot in the Semi Finals.

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