Alter Ego Rasy Is the OhMyV33nus of Indonesian MLBB esports, Says Antimage

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Alter Ego Rasy Is the OhMyV33nus of Indonesian MLBB esports, Says Antimage</p></div>
Alter Ego Rasy Is the OhMyV33nus of Indonesian MLBB esports, Says Antimage


According to Antimage, Rasy may be the OhMyV33nus of Indonesian MLBB esports.
Rasy has evolved his playstyle and has started playing utility and healer heroes like Diggie and Estes.
According to Antimage, Alter Ego has better performance when Rasy plays Estes or Diggie.

EVOS Legends’ veteran talent Maxhill "Antimage" Leonardo claimed that Alter Ego’s star roamer Rasya "Rasy" Wisita is the Indonesian equivalent of Blacklist International’s Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna. The comparison was mentioned during a podcast where Antimage shared his observations of how Rasy’s hero pool has evolved into playing heroes similar to the Queen of the Codebreakers. The EVOS Legends superstar also mentioned that if Alter Ego wants to go all out in the remaining weeks to secure a playoff spot, the squad must maximize Rasy’s comfort picks this season.

Alter Ego is currently in 7th place with a negative seven points in the regular season as of Week 5.  

Rasy is the Indonesian incarnation of OhMyV33nus

Alter Ego’s star roamer Rasy is one of the players who has shown massive adjustments to his hero pool. From being an initiator tank, the pro player has evolved to also play utility heroes such as Diggie and Estes, similar to Blacklist International’s iconic roamer OhMyV33NUS.

Through a recent episode of Empeshow, Antimage mentioned Alter Ego’s performance this season and how Rasy may be its key to securing a playoff spot.

"Rasy is the incarnation of OHMYV33NUS in Indonesia in my opinion. Because he played Estes and Diggie, when he plays big tanks almost 90 percent loses," he said.

Antimage further elaborated that Rasy used to play similarly to EVOS Legends’ Gustian "R E K T", however, the pro player has shifted his playstyle to a whole new level.

“When using Hilda, Grock, Kaja, [they] lost. I used to think he was REKT's incarnation. But apparently not REKT, more OhMyV33nus. REKT did play Mathilda, Diggie, but they didn't play Estes. [Rasy] is playing Estes, you know. He is truly OhMyV33nus Indonesia," Antimage explained.

Fans are already familiar with the legendary OhMyV33NUS of Blacklist International. Not only is the star roamer considered the best in the MLBB esports scene, but she also introduced the value of utility and healing supports in the game. OhMyV33NUS is also one of the pillars that helped Blacklist International pull off its iconic UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience) strategy which most teams struggled to counter.

While Alter Ego is currently on the brink of losing its playoff dream, it shall be interesting to see if the squad will find its momentum in the last remaining weeks of the MPL ID Season 11 regular season.

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