Top 10 Highest Earning PUBG Mobile Teams Of 2020

Top 10 Highest Earning PUBG Mobile Teams Of 2020

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  • While 2020 has been a challenging year, some teams in PUBG Mobile earned big with the tournaments.
  • Chinese PUBG Mobile teams, in particular, are proving their mettle while teams like Bigetron RA have continued their domination from last year.
  • In this list, we will look at the 10 highest earning PUBG Mobile teams of 2020.

The PUBG Mobile esports scene faced a bit of a setback with the global pandemics. However, tournament organisers made the best of it with online tournaments, letting teams rack up a lot of winnings. The landscape from last year has changed, with several teams rising to the top. Chinese PUBG Mobile teams, in particular, are proving their mettle while teams like Bigetron RA have continued their domination from last year.  In this list, we will look at the 10 highest earning PUBG Mobile teams of 2020.

10. RRQ Athena

RRQ Athena were the undisputed the kings of PUBG Mobile for 2019. The Thai-based roster earns this spot from an incredible consistency that they’ve maintained at regional and international tournaments. They are in the top 4 in the PMPL - Fall Split 2020 Southeast Asia region, the Thailand Finals, and in the PMPL Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia. But lest we forget, they also came 3rd at the PMWL - Season 0: East, just behind Orange Rock. And at the time of shooting this, they are also 3rd at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. These guys sure packed a punch around the year winning a hefty $67,510. 

Courtesy: Team RRQ / Instagram

9. TSM Entity

While TSM Entity couldn’t manage to top their 2019 earnings from major tournaments, the team managed to make their presence known in the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene. The team placed sixth in PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East and took home $14,500 and also picked up $26,781 in PUBG Mobile India Series 2020. The year saw TSM Entity earn approximately $71,281 from their major tournament performances. 

Courtesy: TSM Entity / Instagram

8. Orange Rock

Coming in at number 8 is Orange Rock. The boys in orange and white had a very impressive year. It started off with three 1st-place finishes at local events and then a 1st-place finish at the PMPL - Spring Split 2020: South Asia Regular Season. Having established themselves as a strong contender for a win at the finals, they, unfortunately, fell short of 48 points from the top finish. But that didn’t stop them from continuing to dominate the region scene which includes a 1st place finish at the ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: Finals. However, the reason why they are fourth on our list is their amazing 2nd place at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East. For an Indian team to breach into the podium at one of the most competitive tournaments in the world is certainly a great accomplishment. Looking at the S-tier, A-tier and B-tier tournament performances, Orange Rock has made approximately $83,983 in 2020. 

7. Futbolist

Starting off is the only team from the Western region, Futbolist had an eventful year which started with some great top 3 finishes at popular tournaments such as Gamers Without Borders: EMEA and PMCO Spring Split’s Europe Finals. Then, they took on some lesser tier tournaments with back-to-back 1st places. But the main reason why they come in hot at fifth place in our list is their impressive win at the PUBG Mobile World League - West. They made a total of 298 points and secured $116,500 in the pocket. This put their yearly earnings at $141,334.

 SavageGamingHD / YouTube

6. Loops

Loops Esports is a Brazilian PUBG Mobile team who had a great run in 2020. Unfortunately, it was marred by scandals like their disqualification from PMGC and penalties in PMWL West. The team kicked the year off with a victory in PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split 2020: Brazil. They continued their domination in PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Americas and PUBG Mobile Masters League Season 4. The team had a spectacular 2nd place finish in PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: West despite being slapped with a penalty that removed all points earned by the team on 26th July (Day 3 of the second Super Weekend). This put their yearly earnings at $237,300. 

The team faced another embarrassment with their disqualification from the ongoing PMGC. FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski were found compromising the tournament’s competitive integrity. During the Super Weekend 4 – Day 3 Match 4 & 5 of the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship League, the involved players from Loops Esports – FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski – effectively surrendered and refused to fight which affected the final rankings of the League.

5. Bigetron RA

Bigetron RA literally cruised through the entire year with multiple 1st-place finishes. These guys had only 1st place finishes other than one 2nd place finish at PMPL Spring Split Southeast Asia. The Indonesian boys in red and white won every other PMPL they played. But wait till you remember their insane domination at PUBG Mobile World League -  East. They made it look literally easy. While it looks like their last tournament will be a 2nd place finish at PUBG Mobile Global Championship, that takes nothing away from the legacy these guys are leaving in 2020 and their hefty earnings of $267,710. 

Courtesy: Bigetron RA / Instagram

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4. Royal Never Give Up

Last year, RNG, an esports organisation most commonly associated with League of Legends, ventured into the PUBG Mobile space in China. The PUBG Mobile squad swung big in 2020 first by winning the Sharpshooter Cup Season 3. The team finished second and fourth in the Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 (PEL 2020) Seasons 1 and 2. RNG came into their own in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 (PEC 2020), finishing second. This brought their total earnings for the year to $462,438.

3. Elite Esports

Elite Esports, also racked up quite a lot of prize winnings this year. Despite being out of form for most of the season, the team showed great grit and determination to finished second at the Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3. They also managed a fifth-place finish at the PEC 2020, earning $610,363 overall. 

2. Four Angry Men

While Four Angry Men haven’t exactly dominated the Chinese scene, they have certainly remained the most consistent teams out there. At the PEL Season 1, they came 2nd, at Season 2 they came 3rd, and at Season 3 they came 1st. The team also came 3rd at the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 which had some of the best international teams as well. Four Angry Men are also currently sitting at the top of the leaderboards in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Their yearly earnings currently stand at  $674,523. 

Courtesy: PUBG Mobile

1. Nova Esports

Nova Esports (China) is Chinese team of Peacekeeper Elite which dominated the Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2 and Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020. The team won a hefty sum overall, taking home a huge sum of $993,553. Player Paraboy won Team  MVP and MVP of the year for Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020 winning him $75,668. 

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