Mobile Legends: Two New Events Spotted in Advanced Server



Mobile Legends: Two New Events Spotted in Advanced Server

John Dave Rossel
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  • Two upcoming events for MLBB: Angel's Descent and Trial of Knowledge have been spotted in the Advanced servers.
  • Angel's Descent offers a chance to win Starlight Card (7 Days) and Rafaela.
  • Trial of Knowledge offers the chance to win hero skin trial cards and profile border.

Moonton has released many interesting events for their game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). There is no stopping them when it comes to giving out free skins this December. New events named The Angel’s descent and Trial of Knowledge were added to the advanced server and might be released in the regular servers soon. 

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Angel’s Descent

The new event, Angel’s Descent, is a spin event where you have a chance to obtain items, Starlight membership, and a hero, Rafaela. There is a catch, after you spin and your prize has been determined, you will have to complete missions to receive your prize. 

Credits: Moonton via Mobile Legends

To collect your prize from the event, you need to collect jigsaw pieces. You can get jigsaw pieces by completing missions. After completing the puzzle and claiming your prize, you can do another spin and do the same process again to claim the next prize. Note that this is only in the advanced server, which might change when added to the regular servers. 

Credits: Moonton via Mobile Legends

Trial of Knowledge

This event is pretty straightforward. Once a day, you can answer trivia questions about the game and gain points. For each correct answer, you gain 10 points, whereas incorrect answers will only give 2 points. 

Credits: Moonton via Mobile Legends

There are 10 questions each session. The faster you answer, the more points you get. The questions are all about the game's lore, game mechanics, character skills, etc. Once the exam starts, you are given 10 seconds to answer a question. There are only two choices for each question.

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Credits: Moonton via Mobile Legends

You can exchange these points for rewards in the event shop. The prizes you can exchange are as follows;

  • Double BP Card (7 Days)
  • Savage Pointguard Skin (Trial Card)
  • Best DJ (Trial Card)
  • Double XP Card (7 Days)
  • Small Emblem Pack
  • Skin Trial Pack (1 Day)
  • Empire Chevalier Medals

Note that these items are the only ones available in the advanced servers. More items may be added or removed when this makes its way into the regular servers.

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