Call Of Duty: Mobile Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary


Call Of Duty: Mobile Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile completes 1 year today.
  • Since its launch last year, the game has developed a substantial player base.
  • Activision is slowly dipping its toe in the water with the launch of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship.

Activision, one of the world’s leading publishers, announced that their most beloved title, Call of Duty, was making its way to the mobile in October 2019, the hype was real. PUBG Mobile was released in 2018 and it took the mobile scene by storm. As the game grew in popularity, its esport scene also took off to become one of the most popular mobile games on the planet. Activision wanted to replicate the success of PUBG Mobile. One year since the game’s release and 9 seasons later, where does it stand?   

Call of Duty: Mobile Yet To Reach Its Prime?

After the game’s release, its popularity soared. It was downloaded 100 million times in its first week. By June 23rd 2020, the game had 250 million downloads, making it a successful venture. In comparison, PUBG Mobile had 770 million downloads by September, and Free Fire has 500 million downloads by February. Although Call of Duty: Mobile couldn’t do PUBG Mobile’s numbers consistently, it had a good start. According to Sensor Tower, in terms of downloads in the first 265 days of the shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile leads the charge with 250 million while PUBG Mobile sits at 236 million and Fortnite at 78 million. For a franchise which is primarily popular in North America, COD Mobile did manage to capture certain pockets of the world. While the USA was unsurprisingly first in terms of most downloads during the first week, India was second and Brazil was third, regions that are dominated by PUBG Mobile and Free Fire respectively. 

Esports anyone?

A lot needs to be done to kickstart the Call of Duty: Mobile esports scene. Given the game’s tender age, perhaps Activision is waiting to develop a more dedicated mobile player base before going all-in with esports. However, the publisher has obliged fans with the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship. The tournament is sponsored by Sony XPERIA and will feature a massive prize pool of $1 million. One undoubted advantage that Call of Duty: Mobile has which has been since the past year is its flexibility with modes. While it already sports a battle royale worthy of taking on PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, its other multiplayer modes certainly make for an entertaining change of pace.

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It’s been one year and Call of Duty: Mobile has been praised for its gameplay, gunplay, and loads of new features it adds to mobile shooters. While its esport scene is yet to pick up in certain big pockets, its already thriving scene in the West coupled with the onset of Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship means a promising year ahead for the esports crowd. Lest we forget, its regular gameplay updates and additions mean players aren’t going to tire with just a year of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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