All You Need To Know About Wild Rift's Ranked System


All You Need To Know About Wild Rift's Ranked System

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  • In Wild Rift, ranked matches unlock at Level 10 and ranks go from Iron to Challenger, similar to those in League of Legends.
  • A Ranked Mark system has been implement for lower tiers and a Victory Point system (similar to LP) for tiers higher than Diamond.
  • Every ranked match win will earn players Fortitude, a 'safety net' to protect them from ranked losses.

In the recent developer update, Riot Games revealed a lot of new details regarding Wild Rift. The publisher revealed the Closed Regional Beta was going live in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Along with 6 new champions, gameplay updates and content overview, Ed Knapp (Design Lead), explained the new ranked system and its components.

The Wild Rift Ranked system

Riot has focused on developing a ranked system that feels familiar to League of Legends PC players while still being beginner-friendly to new entrants.  

Ranked Tiers

In Wild Rift, ranked matches will unlock at Level 10. The ranks are similar to those in League, going up from Iron to Challenger. An extra tier called Emerald has been added between Platinum and Diamond into the mobile game. Thus, the tiers in Wild Rift are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. Every tier below Master has 4 divisions.

Two Ranked systems

There are two types of ranked systems in Wild Rift. From Iron to Emerald, every game a player wins grants them a Ranked Mark and a loss removes one. Players will need to earn up to 5 Ranked Marks to climb the ladder, lower tiers will require fewer Marks to rank up. 

All You Need To Know About Wild Rift's Ranked System

For all ranks Diamond and above, a point system similar to League Points (LP) is being implemented in Wild Rift. The Victory Point system will grant players points for winning matches and move them up the ranked leaderboards

Ranked Fortitude  

Players will receive ‘Fortitude’ upon playing matches and as the bar fills up, it will be used to protect players from losing a Ranked Mark if they lose

All You Need To Know About Wild Rift's Ranked System
Ranked Fortitude Bar highlighted with red circle

Riot has said this system has been implemented to provide Wild Rift players with a 'safety net'. However, there is a weekly cap on the Fortitude system which will prevent players from spamming games to rank up. 

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Camille’s Wild Rift Gameplay Update

Camille is the first champion in Wild Rift to receive a hotfix nerf after the closed beta began. Barely a week after the Regional Beta was rolled out, Riot noticed that the champion was ‘dominating high-level games’. Thus, Camille’s ability damage, as well as her scaling, were reduced. Her Hookshot’s cooldown was adjusted and the 50% cooldown refund on it was removed.

The closed beta will go on for a few weeks following which a wider release of Wild Rift can be expected. Players can pre-register for the game on the official website and the Google Play Store to get notified when that happens.

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