Call of Duty: Mobile’s Attack Of The Undead Mode Goes Live


Call of Duty: Mobile’s Attack Of The Undead Mode Goes Live

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile releases a new 'Attack of the Undead' game mode.
  • 9 Survivors are pitted against the undead to survive before the timer runs out.
  • Survivors and the Undead can pick up perks along the way.

Call of Duty: Mobile has introduced a new mode called Attack of the Undead which randomly assigns 1 player as undead. The rest of the players have to survive before the countdown timer runs out. The undead player can infect the other 9 players and turn them undead. This mode is similar to the iconic Call of Duty’s Zombies mode. The Attack of the Undead mode will be playable until 11th September. The mode is available on Tunisia, Standoff, Crash, Raid, and Summit. 

How to the Call of Duty: Mobile’s Undead Mode Works

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Attack Of The Undead Mode Goes Live
Attack of the Undead Gameplay

A total of 10 players are divided into two categories, namely survivors and the undead. After a 10 second cooldown at the beginning of each match, one player out of the 10 is randomly chosen to become infected. This player can spawn infinitely and can initially use their gun to get the first kill. Afterwards, they’ll need to attack others with a melee weapon before time runs out. The undead gain an operator skill, which upon activation grants silent and increased movement.

Survivors can select their preferred weapons from their Custom Loadouts at the start of the game in addition to choosing between the Transform Shield and Sentry Gun Operator Skills. As survivors are taken down, they turn into the undead and hunt the other players. Once nine players have been turned into the undead, the last survivor gets a Death Machine with limited ammunition. Survivors gain access to perks as they accumulate kills against the Undead. The perks are:

  • Vulture: collect ammo from kills
  • Amped: faster weapon swap and reload speed
  • Restock: faster operator skill activation

The player with the most kills wins the Attack Of The Undead. These include kills earned as a Survivor and as the Undead. The match can end in one of two ways, when all Survivors have fallen to the Undead (Undead team wins), or when the match timer runs out (Survivors win). More kills mean more Stim Shots earned. Every kill in Attack of the Undead earns double Stim Shots, whether those kills are earned as a Survivor or as the Undead.

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Tips for The Attack of the Undead Mode

Cooperation is key in Attack Of The Undead. It’s better to work with teammates, whether as a Survivor or an Undead. This greatly increases your chances of winning the match. However, remember that rewards go to the player who gets the most kills so work together but land those killing blows.


  • Move away from the other Survivors during the initial countdown as any of them be randomly assigned as the first Undead player. 
  • Operator Skills should be chosen carefully. The Sentry Gun is a good offensive tool against the Undead, but don’t forget the Transform Shield’s ability to slow down the horde when needed. 


  • Bait and Kill. As the Undead, use every tool at your disposal. Weave in and out of view and take out Survivors foolish enough to chase you. And if a Survivor is focused on another Undead player, activate your ‘Operator Skill’ and rush in for the kill.
  • Strength in Numbers. If the Survivors are huddled up in a defensive position, it’s time to overwhelm them with numbers. Gather a group of Undead companions and go for the kill together. Once they’re forced to reload, it’s all over. 

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