PUBG Mobile Gun Spotlight: PP-19 Bizon

Nutan Lele
Published On: 26 Aug 2020, 01:18 PM
  • A good early find, the PP-19 Bizon is a good short and mid-range SMG.
  • The gun can be used as an automatic or single-shot weapon but doesn't have slots for a grip or magazine. 

The PP-19 Bizon is a Russian submachine gun fitted with a large capacity helical magazine. The SMG uses 9MM ammunition and can be found on two maps; Erangel and Vikendi. The PP-19 Bizon can hold up to 53 rounds of 9MM in a single magazine. While in full-auto, its best suited for quick and accurate sparring in close-range. Though its overall damage per round is lower than the UMP9 and Vector its large magazine and reduced sound will have you covered in situations that call for a quick sneak attack in close quarters.

PP-19 Bizon specifications and damage rates

This SMG can be used as an automatic or single-shot weapon. Players can attach attachments including compensators, flash hiders and muzzles. Unfortunately, there is no slot for any grip or magazine attachments. Because of the unique helical magazine that runs along the barrel, this SMG doesn't support magazine upgrades or lower rail attachments. However, the weapon has high firing stability built-in, which lowers recoil even without a grip. The PP-19 Bizon in PUBG Mobile can deal a single-shot damage of 35.7 without a vest. The SMG’s bullet speed is 384 m/s, with a slightly higher fire rate of 0.097 compared to the UMP’s 0.095. 

PUBG Mobile Gun Spotlight: PP-19 Bizon

A look at the damage stats shows that this weapon is a good find early in the game. It’s best picked up right after landing, especially in hotspots. After clearing the area, replace the PP-19 Bizon with any Assault Rifle for better stats. The Bizon is good for short and mid-range fights. The bullet velocity is too low to have a significant impact at more than 100m. The Bizon was updated a while ago with increased effective damage over distance for all SMGs as well as slightly increased damage multipliers for SMGs.

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